1000 Horsepower on BioFuel? You’ve got to be kidding…

1000 Horsepower on BioFuel?

Koenigsegg is a relatively new supercar producer, releasing a several primetime cars in the past few years, including the 655 HP CC8S, folowed by the 806 HP CCR and finally the American-ized version, the CCX which complies with US impact regulations, as well as lower octane fuel. Still, even being tuned for the U.S., Koenigsegg was still able to push out over 800 HP from the CCX, quite impressive, by any supercar standard, especially that the car weighs 2600 lbs, much less than the Enzo’s 3000 lb curb weight.

What’s most amazing is the new CCXR, which runs on Biofuel and produces over 1000 HP. Read more at CarZi…

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3 thoughts on “1000 Horsepower on BioFuel? You’ve got to be kidding…”

  1. over 1000hp on biofuel is unbelievable, at least Koenigsegg is going for the global warming free future of their motor vehicles, and to produce that much power, shows that the future might not be a boring electric, slow driving car life.

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