1000th Comment Contest Part 2 WINNER

Congratulations to Kris from Pens Insider. Krin runs a blog that covers Pittsburgh Penguins news and highlights. His name was randomly chosen to win:

  • $25 CASH via PayPal
  • Review of your blog
  • 1 hour of my graphic design services
  • Thanks to everyone else who blogged about the contest including:

    Big thanks to everyone who supported the contest. This is only the first of many contests I will be hosting on this blog over these next few months. If you have any other ideas for contests, please share them with me.

    Overall, I am happy with how the contest turned out. I think I gained a few new readers and I look forward to sharing my perspective on business, blog and web development with you all.

    7 thoughts on “1000th Comment Contest Part 2 WINNER”

    1. Congratulation to Kris! (sniff, sniff) Oh and Nate…I wanted to let you know that my blog personal blog, Julie Anne Bonner, isn’t actually about ALL of those things. 🙂 That’s actually a list of the separate blogs I have: Chocolate, pink gadgets, organizing, etc… I am working though on narrowing my blog’s focus even more like I read in your article. I started with changing my tagline. I’ve been experimenting with a few.

      Thanks for running the contest and I am looking forward to the next one!

    2. congrats to kris for winning the cool prizes … well, there’s always the next contest …

      thanx nate for opening up the contest … mine is a site on making money specifically on stocks investing and option trading but I also expand my blogging topics horizon to includes making money online and any other interesting topics which I believe is beneficial to my readers …

      well everyone another day another winner … it’s fun to know everyone within this site … cheers

    3. Congrats to Kris! so how many comments d’you have now? the 1000 comments mark is the hardest, after it just seems to flow, sky’s the limit (or, well, top of my screen) 🙂

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