1000th Comment Contest WINNER

When I first started the 1000th Comment Contest, I had 847 comments. Just one week into the contest, the 1000th Comment was posted. I thought this would have at least taken 2 weeks.

The 1000th Comment was posted by Frank from WatchThisVid.com. Frank runs a great web site which shows funny video clips. Frank wins $25, a blog review, 1 hour of my graphic design services, and a 2-year subscription to GoStats Pro.

Special thanks to Richard from GoStats for sponsoring the contest and offering the 1000th commentator a 2-year subscription to GoStats Pro. GoStats has been providing a reliable web traffic counter service since 1999.

Tomorrow, I am will draw the name of the winner for all of those who blogged about the contest. These bloggers include:

Tomorrow’s winner will receive:

  • $25 CASH via PayPal
  • Review of your blog
  • 1 hour of my graphic design services (i.e., new header, buttons, banner, etc.)
  • Thanks to all the contest supporters and especially those who blogged about it! Also, thanks to GoStats for their sponsorship!

    10 thoughts on “1000th Comment Contest WINNER”

    1. congrat to frank for winning the first contest … so i guess all of us stand a 14% chances of winning the 2nd contest … happy drawing nate …


    2. Thanks a ton, Nate!

      Although it’s a great prize I really didn’t give it too much thought. I certainly didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to win. It’s been an interesting week and this is a really nice surprise in the middle of it.

    3. That’s awesome…I just got back from a trip to the Bay Area and have been out of contact from the community…i missed out…damn!!

      Well, congrats to the winner regardless.

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