Powerful Posts – September 28, 2007

Powerful Posts - September 28, 2007

It’s been a while since I last posted my “Powerful Posts” series. These are some of the more interesting articles I have read around the blogosphere lately. I wish I had more time to comment on other people’s blogs, but I think linking to them is the next best thing.

The Gospel According to Rhys10 Black Sheep Bloggers
Rhys wrote a fascinating article about a few bloggers who manage to stand out from crowd.

Self Made ChickHow I Made $100,000 By Spending 25 Minutes and $0 On Marketing
Christine writes about how she created a successful copywriting business working smarter, not harder.

Dax Desai.com6 Things Businessmen Can Learn from Successful Bloggers
Dax talks about several important business concepts to learn from a few different bloggers.

Trai dot NameThere’s Gold in Them Thar Shovels
If you were in California during the time of the gold rush (1849), would you grab some shovels and start packing? Trai writes a great article about thinking outside the box when it comes to being entrepreneurial.

WhyDoWork.comWhich Blog Niche is Right for ME?
Great article about how to decide on what blog niche to focus on.

David AireyDo you follow logo design trends?
David asks a great question about logo design trends.

EverybodyGotoThe Future of Applications is Customization
Great article about the future of applications.

Adii FreelancerCall me the FireStarter
Adii writes a great post about the “premium theme” debate and whether premium themes should be free or cost a small fee.

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I’m Back

I'm Back

Hey! I’m back! That was definitely the longest period I have ever gone without updating my blog.

Life has been hectic lately and my business partners and I have been trying to live by Shoemoney’s philosophy of “prioritizing potentially profitable projects.” That being said, blogging is what got me here and I need to spend more time in the ‘sphere. Blogging is fun and it is definitely a great break from the normal workload.

So what is going on? Well, a lot of exciting things at UBD. That is about all I can say for now other than we have some really cool things planned which I will be sharing with you once they are ready for public consumption. Some cool details I can share now:

  • We have secured a 10×10 booth at Blog World.
  • I will be speaking at Blog World on the “blog design” panel.
  • We have secured booth models.

In the next week, I am going to start blogging about a few clients who have used Internet marketing, SEO, and their blogs to increase their business. I am also going to feature some special guest bloggers and record more audio podcasts.

What is new with all of you guys?

Anyway, it’s 6:54 am here and I have not gone to sleep yet. That is crazy. Goodnight/morning.

Are You On the Quest For More Cash?

Are you on the Quest for more Cash?

Stand Out From The Crowd or Bust

The make money online niche has become extremely saturated over the past year. There are more blogs than ever trying to rank for the phrase “make money online,” despite little-to-no prior knowledge or without any original content. As a result, we are surrounded by a sea of similar blogs and it has become harder than ever to stand out.

One blog which has differentiated itself in the blogosphere is Cash Quests. Cash Quests describes itself as the “personification of online greed.” To put it simply, what makes Cash Quests stand out is a clever combination of juicy content, well-written opinion, and practical knowledge of how to make money online. Add a dash of humor and the guts to call out AGLOCO, and it is clear why Cash Quests is one of the most widely read blogs in the “make money online” niche.


Judging from this Alexa chart, it is clear that Cash Quests has enjoyed almost instantaneous success since its mid-May inception progressive success since it’s December 2006 inception.


Stop Being Everyone Else

Cash Quests is popular for many reasons. One aspect of Cash Quests’ popularity is that it is not like any other blog. Let me illustrate this point with several examples:

Calling out the big boys. The success of Cash Quests can be attributed to many factors. One aspect in particular is its stance on AGLOCO. While everyone was praising AGLOCO to no tomorrow, Cash Quests was calling it out for being too much like its predecessor, AllAdvantage, a company that was dead in the water after two years.

A few months later, CQ further proved its point in the article, “How Much Money Can You Make From AGLOCO? I Know!” Hats off to CQ for calling out a scheme. I never personally invested a single keystroke promoting it, but I know many others did.

The removal of comments. What is a blog without comments? Cash Quests did a study on the top 10 blogs on Technorati and found out that only 3% of readers leave comments. The conclusion that CQ drew was that “…comments do very little to add value to a site and that the main focus for a blogger should be on rewarding and encouraging readers – not just those who leave comments.”

After 7 days without comments, CQ shared its results. CQ noted one surprising change from turning off comments:

Better relationships will be built: Without having to spend time reading, moderating and replying to comments I predicted that I would have more time to spend e-mailing and building relationships with other bloggers. This has definitely occurred with some fantastic relationships being built that have resulted in some very high PR links being both given and received.

Did turning off comments have an effect on readership?


Interestingly enough, readership has only INCREASED on CQ! With over 800 RSS subscribers now, Cash Quests is one of the most popular blogs in its niche, and it’s no surprise with its consistently outside-the-box content.

All guest bloggers should die? I will admit – that post title is pure linkbait, but Cash Quests makes a strong argument for why guest bloggers do not provide value to blogging. To illustrate, CQ purposes this question:

Imagine you have just written a super-awesome post that will be linked to by everybody who reads it. Will you publish it on your own site or will you e-mail it away to be published here on CashQuests.com?

CQ says that we would rather save it for our own site, but I disagree. If I had the opportunity to post on a blog with as large of a readership as CQ, I would want to make sure it was some of my best content, not just B-work. Like anything, guest-blogging is an opportunity to surpass what people expect from you. If I wrote a crappy post for a guest blog, of course no one will want to visit my blog! A-work all the way for guest posts is what I say!

That being said, CQ follows up its argument about guest blogging with an interesting example taken from Shoemoney’s blog in a post entitled “Helping Shoemoney Make Money Online.” Like many of CQ’s posts, it is a hilarious read!

A plethora of hilarious, well-written, and insightful articles in to the world of making money online. A few superb examples:

  • Did You Just Throw Up On Your Website? Get Color Smart!: CQ says, “Don’t just pick your favorite color – conduct psychological warfare and choose the color that will best reflect the theme of your site and lead to maximum revenue.”
  • Incredible Website Reviews: One thing CQ excels in is website reviews. All of its reviews contain a 500-word minimum, multiple screenshots of your site, and multiple links to your site using any anchor text. For example, its recent review of Derek Beauchemin was a great insight into another clever online marketer.

    Funny thing too is that CQ recently did a review of me. You, too, can have your site reviewed on CQ. At only $80, this is an excellent value for a website review with a readership as large as CQ’s, which is sure to grow bigger in the coming months. You can learn more about its website reviews here.

  • Why You Only Need $10 To Become Remarkable. Excellent insight into the need to brand your identity and the surprisingly low cost of doing so. CQ says:

    In my quest to make money online, I spend a lot of time reviewing and visiting new sites and it never ceases to amaze me at just how ugly some of them look. As visitors will be assessing your site within the first second of visiting it, it’s essential that you make a brilliant first impression!


If there is anything I try to preach on my blog, it is to stand out from the crowd however possible. This is something that CQ has done exceptionally well. Clever writing, juicy content, and strong opinions only make me want to read more of Cash Quests. I am sure we can expect CQ to easily crest 1000 readers before you know it.

Cash Quests is DEFINITELY one of the more interesting blogs to read today and I highly recommend everyone subscribe to CashQuests.

One last thing, it looks like CQ is about to unleash a new blog design! Currently, several spots are still available, but I am sure they will be going very fast. Your opportunity to advertise on an increasingly popular blog which is sure to receive far more more traffic in the future is limited. More information here

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

Well, this has certainly been the week of podcasts! I have participated in 3 podcasts this week and have been featured in one other.

Why podcasts?

For one, podcasts are super easy to create! It is also cool to share my ideas by talking about them, instead of just writing. The other great thing is that podcasts are much quicker to put together than blog posts. A “quality” blog post takes one to two hours, but this entire podcast AND post only took 35 minutes! That time saved means a lot right now, as many of you well know.

Perhaps the most notable thing about podcasting is that it is an automatic way to differentiate yourself from the many other bloggers. In this day and age, everyone and their dog has a blog, so doesn’t it make sense to do things which make you stand out from the crowd? Podcasting and video podcasting can definitely do that. Unfortunately, video podcasting can be a huge PIA to setup, edit, and upload. That’s not even mentioning the cost of a video camera and editing software.

A good podcast doesn’t require much more than a decent quality microphone and recording software, something nearly every computer comes with standard. So, why not try podcasting? It’s easy, cost effective, a great way to further brand your personality/blog and an awesome way to stand out from the crowd.

Podcast with John Chow

JohnYou may have already read on John Chow that I recently participated in a podcast with the Evil One himself. The podcast is actually for Shoemoney’s Net Income show on Webmaster Radio. Shoe asked John to take over while he is at the TechCrunch40 conference.

It was really fun to chat with John, as well as Ed from the [Ed]ition and Greg from BCM Marketing. We talked about some of the current trends in blog design and the direction that it is headed. Hopefully, we can all do another podcast again here soon. Look for that podcast this Tuesday on Shoemoney, John Chow, and here.

Featured on Xfep.com Podcast

DavidI saw a trackback today from a new blog, eXtra For Every Publisher, otherwise known as Xfep.com. This is a new blog run by David Peralty, who is an awesome blogger himself and also Director of Communications at the Bloggy Network. Funny thing is that I recently participated in another podcast with Anthony Feint from Blogging Dosh and David was a guest on that show.

Congratulations to David on his new blog! You can listen to Xfep’s podcast here.

NEW Podcast with Matt

MattFor those of you who don’t know Matt, he is my other business partner, in addition to Josh Mullineaux. I have known Matt since high school and he is a valuable partner in the business.

This was Matt’s first podcast and we nailed it first-take. Matt is cut out to be a natural podcaster.

Anyway, Matt runs a personal blog at Matt where he talks about business, making money online, and marketing. Today, he was a guest on my new weekly radio show, called Entrepreneur Podcasts. In this first podcast, Matt and I talk about significance of taking on investors into a new business, something which we are considering doing.

This is also my first podcast using the PodPress WordPress plugin. It is because it easily embeds the podcast player within the post. Anyway, enjoy the podcast.