Jim Turner Interviews My Biz Partner, Josh, About Blog Design

Recently my good friend and CFO of UBD, Josh Mullineaux, was interviewed by Jim Turner on the BlogTalkRadio Show. Jim and Josh talked on the topics of blog design and the benefits of moving bloggers from Blogger to WordPress.

We were fortunate to meet Jim at the Blog World Expo and he is a great guy. Here is the podcast…

Link To Radio Show.

Golf + Fitness + Authority = Meet Mike Pedersen

Golf + Fitness + Authority = Meet Mike Pedersen

What happens when you mix golf, fitness and the dedication to be an expert in a particular niche? Meet Mike Pedersen, the golf fitness expert. Mike Pedersen is a well-known golf blogger in the golf and fitness communities.

Don’t be fooled by his excellent search rankings – Mike doesn’t practice any Blackhat SEO. Mike is simply a great example of how to build authority in a particular niche – by teaching other people who you know! Mike has done this by recording dozens of videos and writing hundreds of articles for people looking to be healthy and perform better golf. In his time online, he has built a newsletter list of over 40,000 people!

Mike is most well-known for his Perform Better Golf which provides golf exercise dvds, a best-selling golf training manual as well as a golf stretching dvd.

Golf Online Fitness Professional

Mike is the golf fitness professional for Golf Magazine’s site GolfOnline.com and for Golf Illustrated.com. He has produced over 500 articles on the topice of fitness and golf that have been seen various publications and sites (including Pub Links Golfer, Orange County Register, Arizona Golfer,and Men’s Health), journals and newspapers worldwide.

How is that for using your authority to reach the outside world?

Meeting Mike

I was fortunate to have met Mike very recently as both he and I reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not only is Mike very well educated in online business development, marketing and search engine optimization, but he also is a guy who you don’t want to mess with, and I say that in the nicest of ways. Mike has been in the fitness industry for 25 years and it clearly shows – the guy is incredibly ripped, and it doesn’t surprise me that his average golf drive is over 300 yards.

Mike Pedersen’s Golf Blog

Mike’s new golf blog contains a plethora of useful articles for people looking to play better golf and live a healthier lifestyle. Mike does a fantastic job of consistent, day-in and day-out writing thorough and useful content. As proof, within two weeks of launching his blog, Mike already had over 150 RSS subscribers!

I play a little bit of golf myself and I particular enjoyed the following articles:

To me, there are several things Mike does which makes him an excellent blogger, several of which include:

  • Frequently posting high quality and thorough articles on link-worthy topics
  • Carefully choosing titles which encourage the reader to continue reading
  • Excellent usage of photos and other visuals within the post to help break up the blocks of text
  • Implementing other forms of media into his blog such as his regular videos containing golf fitness tips
  • Engaging in a dialogue with his readers which encourages more comments to be made
  • Internally linking to other posts and articles he has written

The funny thing was that I first read about Mike before I ever met him! An old friend of mine recommended a book to me called The New Rules of Marketing and PR (no aff) written by David Meerman Scott. One of the stories in the book was all about how Mike used the Internet and online communication to establish authority as a golf fitness expert.

It was only when I launched Unique Blog Designs that I received a contact message from Mike looking for assistance at setting up a new blog, MikePedersenGolf.com. It didn’t take me long to realize this was the same guy in the book I had just read! Those kind of experiences definitely make you feel like it is a small world.

I want to congratulate Mike on his success so far in his niche and I wish him the best of luck in expanding his empire.

For more information about Mike and Perform Better Golf, visit:

  • Mike Pedersen’s Golf Blog
  • Perform Better Golf
  • Trip Back To Seattle for Thanksgiving (Photos)

    Yesterday (Thursday) I flew back to Seattle to visit my family for Thanksgiving. For those of you who don’t know, I NOW reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I run UBD with Josh, Matt and Dave.

    I spent most of my life in Gig Harbor, a town which is 50 miles south of Seattle. Gig Harbor is a quiet little fishing village that is a great place to raise a family in, but slightly unfulfilling for young and hungry entrepreneurs.

    I moved to Scottsdale in July of 2006 to pursue school and business, only one of which I am still involved in. 😉

    Anyway, I had not visited Seattle since I moved, so this was an interesting trip to see what has changed over the past 18 months.

    The first thing I noticed that hadn’t changed is how insanely cold the weather is up there. It was a shock being back in 37°F (2° C) weather, since I have become quite accustomed to 80°F (26°C) over the past year and a half. No wonder everyone is endlessly sipping hot cups of coffee!

    One interesting development was the new $800 million bridge (connecting Tacoma and Gig Harbor) that was completed since I left. The bridge has been under construction since 2002 or so and they finally opened it in July of this year.

    The Narrows Bridge Before The New Bridge
    Narrows Bridge

    WHOA! A New Bridge!
    Narrows Bridge

    On the flight back to Arizona, I flew right over Mt. Rainier. These are some photos from my iPhone.

    Over the Grand Canyon on the way back to Arizona, Land of Sun and Warmth!

    Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

    Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs Team Up!

    Partnerships can be an incredibly powerful leverage in business. I have never turned down what are clearly mutually beneficial business relationships. Quite recently, I came across a product and service which I feel would fit in perfectly to our goal of helping bloggers be more successful.

    This new product and service is called Entrecard. Many of you may have recently heard about this new Internet advertising exchange service!

    What is Entrecard? Entrecard is your 125×125 Internet business card. It is also an ad network for you to get free traffic. You can network with other bloggers when you leave them your card, and you use credits that you earn networking to advertise your card, for free, on any blog in the network (including this one). All over the internet people are saying great things about Entrecard, the traffic it is bringing, and the blogs they are discovering through it.


    Entrecard is the brainchild of Million Dollar Wiki mastermind, Graham Langdon. I recently met Graham at the Blog World Expo where he was exhibiting Entrecard. Like me, Graham is a young and dedicated Internet entrepreneur.

    Here is a video of Graham explaining to Entrecard to Shoemoney…

    Many well known bloggers, such as Shoemoney, have already jumped on the Entrecard bandwagon!

    Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs Team Up!

    Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs

    After chatting with Graham for a while, we both realized the great potential of teaming up. What does this mean? Unique Blog Designs will become the official Internet business card and blog designer of Entrecard.

    Given that proper advertising is just as important as a unique blog design, we will be recommending to our clients that they use the Entrecard service to increase their traffic to their blogs.

    What does this mean for you? If you are a member of Entrecard, Unique Blog Designs will give you a free Entrecard design with your purchase of a Unique Blog Design! We are also offering premium Entrecard designs for sale to you.

    How do you take advantage of this offer?

    1. Sign up for Entrecard.
    2. Email entrecard@uniqueblogdesigns.com and we can get started designing your 125×125 Internet business card!

    By the way, make sure you drop off your Entrecard on my blog – over on the top of the right sidebar!