Holiday Ramblings

Holiday Ramblings

It’s amazing that Christmas and the holidays are already here. It feels like just yesterday, it was August and I was spending half my time at the pool and the other half working on the new design for John Chow.

The past four months have by far been the craziest and most exciting of my life. I have met a ton of really cool and familiar people at Blog World Expo and Pubcon.

Being a blogger who owns a blog design company, it only seems justified that I spend more time blogging and reading other blogs. Below are a few *interesting* posts which I have stumbled upon in the past few days…

Are you an more of an expert than you realize?

Christine OKelly, Self Made Chick and world-class copywriter, posts another intellectual gem – 9 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Perceived Value.

Super Affiliate and Super Poet

Zac Johnson is not just a super affiliate, he is also a super poet! Zac wrote a clever version of his own “Twas the Night before Christmas.” A must read!

Reminiscing over Christmas Cartoons

Ms. Danielle brings back the good old days when all we did over winter break was watch Christmas cartoons“Top 5 Favorite Christmas Animations.”

How Important Is Robots.txt For Google?

The Cow writes a detailed analysis of the different methods that some of the top bloggers are using their robots file. Definitely an interesting read and something which is causing me to rethink my robot strategy.

What happens when you unexpectedly lose your domain?

On a more serious note, my good buddy and UBD logo designer, David Airey, recently had his domain and email account hacked when he was away on vacation. Not only did the hacker steal his domain, he did it through a GMail security exploit. Read about how GMail’s security failure left David’s business sabotaged. And if you link to David, make sure you update your links from to I wish you the best of luck in the proceedings to get your domain back, David!

Small pets are here to stay – Keep yours healthy!

Being the animal lover that I am, I enjoyed this post written by Mike from Bloggin-Ads. Mikes shares with us 10 care tips for owning a hamster. So, for all of you kids who get hamsters from Santa, make sure you read this…

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I can’t wait for 2008 – I’ve got a lot of cool things planned that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Warning: Don’t go to this page (SFW). You can’t say I didn’t warn you. 😛

Winner of My Pubcon Schwag Contest

As most of you know, two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas for Pubcon and I picked up a bunch of cool promotional items from all of the booths there. I recently held a contest to win all of these items, plus a Shoemoney t-shirt and a Unique Blog Designs t-shirt. It has been one week since the contest – and today I drew the winner out of the 70+ people who entered.

Congratulations to Michael Kwan of Beyond the Rhetoric who was randomly selected out of ~70 people who now subscribe to my blog via email!

Michael Kwan: Beyond the Rhetoric

Michael is a freelance writer and being so, he writes a lot of interesting and entertaining articles over at his blog. Some of the articles I have particularly enjoyed are:

Congratulations, Michael, and Happy Holidays too! Make sure you take a pic for all of us with your UBD t-shirt and all your new gear!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be holding more contests in the future for everyone who is subscribed by email – so make sure to subscribe by email, so I know who is reading my blog!

Win My Pubcon Schwag Contest

Here it is, the official Nate Whitehill dot Com Win My Pubcon Schwag Contest.

As many of you know, I recently ventured to Las Vegas for the recent Pubcon Webmaster Convention. While at the conference, I picked up a ton of awesome promotional items that I will be giving away in a contest.

Here are the steps to enter the contest:

1) Subscribe to my RSS by email (at the end of this post).

2) Verify your subscription by filling out the spam abuse message and then click “Complete Subscription Request.” You will receive an email from Feedburner with a link in your inbox prompting you to activate your subscription. Click on this link. If success, it will open a new browser window displaying, “Email Subscription Confirmed!”. If you do not complete this step, you will not be entered into the contest.

2) You are entered.

The contest ends one week from today, December 18. A winner will be randomly chosen.

What all is included?

  • CXO Digital Media Mousepad
  • IZEA Cup Holder
  • IZEA Mousepad
  • Cappex Cap
  • SEO Tool Set Mousepad
  • SEO Tool Set Notepad
  • Findology Back Massager
  • MSNBC Digital Dice
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Notebook
  • (2) Large Black SEO Tournament Long-sleeve shirts
  • RightMedia Foam Logo set
  • MyBlogLog Stickers
  • Pen
  • $100 Bonus Signup Coupon
  • 1 Large Black T-Shirt
  • 1 Large White Unique Blog Designs T-Shirt

How do you enter?

Enter your email address:

Good luck.

Las Vegas Pubcon Recap

Las Vegas Pubcon Recap

It’s hard to describe the feeling that is *being* in Las Vegas. The places, the people, the parties… it’s quite extravagant. One month ago, I had never even been to Las Vegas, but now, I have been twice thanks to the recent Blog World Expo and most recently, Pubcon Webmaster Convention.

What do you get when you combine Las Vegas, with a professional networking event and a contest called Party Like A Search Engine Rockstar? ANSWER: A ridiculously fun and productive networking experience!

Rolling With The Search Engine Rockstars

Party Like A Search Engine RockstarUnlike Blog World Expo, UBD did not exhibit at Pubcon, and this time, it was only I who traveled to Las Vegas.

The primary reason for going was that UBD sponsored Shoemoney’s recent contest, Party Like A Search Engine Rockstar. The contest winner was Laura Martin, who won an all-expenses paid trip to Pubcon to party with the search engine rockstars.

This is not the first time that Laura has partied with search engine rockstars, however. Laura was also a contestant on The Next Internet Millionaire and even prior to that, Laura worked closely with some of the top Internet marketers in the industry.

For much of the trip, I hung out with Laura and Tigh Buckles, Shoemoney’s new project manager. Everyone stayed at the Flamingo Hotel on the North Strip.

Tigh, me and Laura
Tigh Buckles, Me, and Laura Martin hanging out at the Wynn

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