The Movie 300 – Glorious Guts and Gore! Wow!

After a long and productive weekend, I saw the new movie 300 tonight. All I can say is, wow. An incredible gore-fest that certainly delivered non-stop action, amazing cinematography, and breathtaking visuals. This movie is not for those with weak stomachs – amazing action, but very gruesome. This was one of the first movies where almost every scene was shot infront of a green-screen. All of the backdrops were then rendered by computer graphics.

If you are into action, I highly recommend you check out 300. Check out this video detailing this super-intensive workout the actors had to do to give them their Greek statue look. Pretty amazing…

On another note, I have been working on a website for a new Scottsdale-based IT consulting business I will be launchiing this week. Also, finally, the new blog network I have been talking about will also launch this week. Watch for updates on that.

4 thoughts on “The Movie 300 – Glorious Guts and Gore! Wow!”

  1. Wow, I actually thought that they used a bit of CGI to accentuate the actors muscles. Just watching that makes me want to fall down and pass out. This is definitely the next movie I’m seeing. I can’t wait…

  2. *UPDATE*

    I’ve seen ‘300’ now and can say that it is currently one of my favorite films of the year. It has an iconic and mythic tone to it that just makes everything seem larger than life. For me it did such a good job of making you feel like one of his 300 and feel like the nobility of their struggle was worth it. The narration was a bit overbearing and the script was only adequate but those things don’t detract from the thrill ride that makes this film burn up the screen. See it now in a theater with a big screen and bigger sub woofers.

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