5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

5 Ways To Overcome Writer's Block

Writer’s blocks is something everyone experiences at times, and it is especially frustrating for bloggers that are dedicated to regularly publishing unique and interesting content. I am not going to lie, I have had writer’s block over the past few days. What better way to overcome writer’s block than to write about writer’s block? Here are 5 ways to overcome to writer’s block:

1. Take a Break
If you are sitting at your computer getting worked up because you cannot think about something unique and useful to write about, the best thing you can is take a break. Go for a walk, a drive, or even go workout. After I get back from a hard workout, my mind is ready to be reengaged.

2. Read a Few Related and Interesting Blogs
Of course, you should not just rehash other’s blog posts, but interesting blogs can provide for some insightful thought. I like to read Aaron Wall’s SEO Book Blog as he often has original insights into online marketing and SEO. Many of his posts inspire me to think outside of the box, with regards to the same old topics we see everyday.

3. Have a Conversation
Some of my best ideas for blog topics have come from instant message conversations with other bloggers, such as Allen H and Matt from Take More Risks. I always find it interesting to talk to another blogger about what they think about XYZ as it inspires me to think more deeply about a particular subject.

4. Check out Technorati’s Top Searches
If you want to write about a hot topic people are searching for, check out Technorati. On the homepage, they list the top 10 search terms. Of course, Paris Hilton is on the list. What top 10 list isn’t she on? Make sure your topic is related to your blog though.

5. Reread Your Reader’s Comments
Often, the discussion that emerges from a recent blog post can provide some insights about other things to write about, as well. What better place to find topics to write about then from the people who are reading and contributing on your blog? It helps if you ask your readers for their opinion at the end of your blog posts. That inspires discussion that can lead to interesting new ideas.

Writer’s block can be extremely frustrating, but I am sure if you use any one of the methods listed above, it will help clear your head to write unique and interesting content!

20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block”

  1. The Technorati Top 10 is a great way to write about a topic that will get you a couple hundred (sometimes more if you’re lucky) natural visitors to your blog.

    And, Technorati visitors are targeted visitors considering they’re either blog owners or blog readers.

    — Scot

  2. Writers’ block is not so bad as getting an idea for a post and then either forgetting about it before you get to it, or lose track of your enthusiasm while writing midway.

    1. Very true. I have several post ideas on the backburner I have lost my steam for. That might be an interesting article – how to inject energy into otherwise boring posts?

    1. Nice – but I’ve got 6 kids. Careening down the highway in a Caravan w/ the Wiggles playing at 95 db doesn’t help me at all.

      I can’t find any of my CD’s in the van anymore

  3. You know, these are some really practical tips for “blogger’s block.” One thing I do is compose blog posts long hand. It seems like a sin, but it really helps sometimes.

  4. I think the writer’s block is going around … I had it yesterday.

    And funny, I actually have a post idea about Paris Hilton on my posts-to-do list. I better go get started on it before she’s not a hot topic anymore! lol

  5. Thanks for the tips when I get writer’s block I usually use tip number one, but now I use stumble to get new concepts. Now I got for more tips to pull from when I get writer’s block.

  6. I find that when I’m stuck trying to write something, I go back and look at what I just wrote. Then, instead of moving the story forward, I take the same scenario and write it in another character’s perspective. This allows me to keep “those creative juices flowing” and also develop other characters and make more than just the main character dynamic and round.

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