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WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for not just blogs, but also websites and even landing pages/review sites for affiliate marketers!

Why? Ease of use, familiarity, and more uses than Grandpa’s Swiss army knife.

We have worked closely with and picked the brains of some of the top names in blogging and affiliate marketing, including:

  • John Chow
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Yaro Starak
  • Zac Johnson
  • Paul Bourque
  • Jonathan Volk
  • Jim Kukral
  • Gobala Krishnan
  • John Reese

They have all told us the one thing they wish they had was a WordPress theme optimized for affiliate marketing websites. Well, now the wait is over…

aff theme

Affiliate Theme is an innovative new WordPress theme built exclusively for affiliate marketers and make money online bloggers who build landing page, review sites, and other mini-sites for niche products and offers.

Watch how Affiliate Theme works

How is Affiliate Theme different from other WordPress themes?

Unlike ALL other WordPress themes, this is not a WordPress theme built only for bloggers.

This is the first WordPress theme built exclusively for affiliate marketers and those who build mini-sites, review sites and landing pages.

While you can easily use Affiliate Theme as a blog theme, its true value lies in the fact that you can build multiple variations of your affiliate marketing landing pages/review sites and track the conversion rate of your changes.

We give YOU options!

An innovative Theme Options panel allows you to change virtually everything about your theme – from layout, colors and fonts, to logo, header graphics, and even the wording on your call to action buttons! Save time and money! No longer will you have to re-input all of your offers each time to make a major change to your landing page or review site.

Why use WordPress to build affiliate marketing websites?

There are a few distinct advantages when using a CMS to build your websites. Just like you can change the look of your site without having to recreate all of your content, you can now build multiple variations of your affiliate marketing web pages without having to re-input all of your affiliate offers. This means you save time from the tedium of creating multiple variations of pages. Of course, this means you can spend less time building and more time testing and making money!

Who should use Affiliate Theme?

Both new and veteran affiliate marketers will appreciate Affiliate Theme’s ease of use and the time they will save when it comes to building affiliate marketing sites. New affiliate marketers who are generally unfamiliar with creating effective affiliate marketing websites will be able to easily create, test and track the effectiveness of landing pages.

Not just for code monkeys

You don’t need to be an expert web developer to use and customize Affiliate Theme. Affiliate Theme features one of the most customizable Theme Options panels a WordPress theme has ever seen. This means you can customize the look of your landing pages to suit any niche or vertical.

What else?

  • Create affiliate websites using the best content management system! The first affiliate website creation tool built for the best content management system in the world – WordPress.
  • Whatever kind of site you want! Six (6) unique layout options means you can easily split test and find the highest converting layout, which means more money for you.
  • Perfect for any vertical! Photoshop-like color picker allows you to easily change the colors of your page background, headlines, navigation, call-to-action buttons.
  • Brand your Affiliate Theme easily! Choose from a variety of header options – including integrating your logo, full header graphic, a pre-made UBD Niche Header Graphic, or plain text.
  • Gorgeous affiliate websites, ready for your use! Forget about having to upload custom artwork. You can automatically choose from dozens of professional, pre-made header and background graphics, all for popular affiliate niches.
  • Customize the heck out of your Affiliate Theme! Take your CSS-level modification to the next level by enabling and utilizing the custom stylesheet.
  • Get featured! Add a “Featured” offer box to any layout, giving you, in effect, twice as many layouts!
  • Insane typography options! Select the font, font-size, and font color for your headlines, post captions and main body font.
  • Improve conversion with simpler navigation! Remove the navigation from your Affiliate Theme to make it more like a landing page. Otherwise, select between displaying the categories and pages in the navigation.
  • Less coding for you! Integrate header and footer tracking scripts without touching a single line of code.
  • Get more clicks! Customize the call-to-action buttons for all of your offers! Choose font, background color, size and rollover changes as well.
  • Affiliate blogging made easy! Easily enable/disable RSS feed, author name, date, post headline, comments and trackbacks

Incredible Support – vast knowledge base and video screencasts show you how to do everything!

Affiliate Theme is not just any WordPress theme. With your purchase of Affiliate Theme, you get access to our incredible Affiliate Theme Resource Center.

We have put together a wide array of video tutorials (screen casts) and knowledge base articles you can access to make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Not only that, but with your purchase of Affiliate Theme, you get access to the helpful Support forum where you can post your questions and see how other members are using Affiliate Theme most effectively.

Get access to exclusive super affiliate podcasts

UBD goes the extra mile by giving you access to podcasts with super affiliates such as Jonathan Volk, Zac Johnson, Jim Kukral, John Chow, Ryan Wade and Yaro Starak.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Affiliate Theme now and create affiliate sites faster than ever!

Affiliate Theme

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  1. Very cool. I recently purchased Thesis for some sites I own, but am currently looking at getting a few affiliate sites live, so I’m definitely going to check this out.

  2. Never really seen much variation on the wordpress designs. Most sites stick the the old body and windings on the side. Hoping to see something interesting come out of it though.

  3. A successful presence in web entails professional website development, outstanding graphic design, and persuasive text. Website design is an essential aspect of an advertising campaign because most people now turn first to the web for information on businesses rather than going into the shop. The web in a sense has taken the place of salespeople. Thus web design is the clothes of your company whereas the text of your web pages is the language the website speaks to viewers.

  4. hey frd i think u need to check the hosting affiliate link of Hostgator on UBD at :-

    was getting ERROR when clicking on it

  5. I might give SuperCache another try. Hopefully it works better than it did last year when it would not work half the time. Great themes by the way. If I buy it, can I port it to be used with another CMS? Obviously for personal use only.

  6. Yeah but… here is where I don’t get about Super Cache… how come wordpress’s version of the cache isn’t as fast as Super Cache? I have always wanted to try using the super cache, but I feared doing it wrong, and messing up my other blog.



  7. i like this themes it looks nice , but i have only 2 domains one for sport and the other for biz so i can’t use this one in sport , but maybe used in biz domain ” which already have a nice theme ” but i think i will use this themes when i start big steps in affiliate marketing .

  8. This theme has been getting good reviews all over the blogosphere, and I am thinking of acquiring it myself, as I’m having little joy with a theme purchased from another theme developer. The simplicity of operation for non tech types is what really does it for me!

  9. @ SEO, yes you can port it to another CMS for personal use

    WordPress doesn’t use caching natively, it always queries the database. Supercache stores actual HTML files so there is no DB querying, which speeds up WP dramatically.

  10. I often get lots of tips and useful things with the top blogs, but too difficult to implement because so many do not focus. thanks for article

  11. The reason I wanted to talk about Affiliate Theme is because it has some great features worth mentioning that work for Affiliates that want to use a Blog to make it easier to earn multiple income streams from one domain. They give you 6 custom layouts you can choose from.

  12. From what I can see there’s another competitive them out there called Affiliate Theme, and this particular theme seems to do better with affiliate programs. But I truly think that the Thesis Them is much better for Business Blogs.

  13. I went ahead and installed SC. It did indeed speed up my blog quite a bit and everything works well.

  14. Nicole & Internet Age, I too miss Nate, but I have a feeling, we will see a new blog post in May =D I am hoping at least!

    Till then,


  15. Hey guys! I am gonna post this Saturday! UBD is having Dot Com lunch and Dot Com Go-Karting with John Chow and Neil Patel, so expect lots of cool video!

  16. Hey Nate, where are you buddy. I was lil bit off but you might have lots of work, not much more active on your blog… may i’ve the reason? John.

  17. We’re delighted to see the new post, but the promised videos are sadly lacking! Does that mean we’ll be getting more, soonish? Heheheheh…..

  18. Hey Nate.

    Thanks for the link to affiliatetheme. I have several old affiliate sites that could use a fresh design. I’ll definitely be looking into this as an option for some of them.


  19. Affiliate-Theme is a lightweight WordPress landing page template that is designed for online marketers. If you are in the business of making money online, you can’t afford not to check this cool piece of code out.

  20. I plan to try the Moneymaker Theme on one of my new blogs I’m setting up. It is very nice and professional looking. Thank you for making and sharing it for free.

  21. Affiliate Theme is the website solution for technologically-challenged people. It allows you to go from nothing to a fully equipped Affiliate site within just one hour.

  22. Ah, so Super Cache is the trick to speeding up the WordPress loading times…I’ve been on shared hosting and with the delay, it can be a real turn off for visitors. Good tip!

  23. i haven’t tried affiliate marketing yet but this theme seems to be the best for affiliates. i will also get the same as i will jump into affiliate market soon. keep such interesting things coming on.

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