Want to Abduct Some Humans?

Want to Abduct Some Humans?

I am not a big gamer, and I usually don’t give plugs to gaming-related web sites, but when my friend and Flash-programming genius, Jared Riley, gave me sneak peak at a new Flash game he had been working on for the past several months, I couldn’t resist not blogging about it.

Ordinarily, I am not very impressed with most Flash games, but this one is pretty special. It is called Alien Abduction II and it features 10 levels of awesome abducting action (try saying that 3x fast)!

From the website:

Alien Abduction II follows the never released Alien Abduction I, in which you must abduct people while staying out of sight of the agents. If an agent spots you, you can drop ANYTHING on them to kill them. Everything, from igloos to people, can double as weapons when dropped from on high.

The game will feature 10 unique levels (4 from the unreleased AAI game), numerous enemies aside from agents including tanks and hell demons, and various other twists. The game will tie into Bagunk’s very brand new High Score System, making it the first game to promote the API. The game also sports an “unlock” mode where you can spend bonus points to purchase content that didn’t make it into the game. This includes the elusive “bonus” level and the original ship design.

The game is both challenging and rewarding as you try to progress through the myriad of levels. Jared did a great job with both the soundtrack and the graphics to this game. It’s hard to believe it was designed entirely by one person. The other very cool thing about the game is that if you are a member of the social-gaming site, Bagunk, your high score will be saved to their database and you can compete against all of your friends.

I recommend checking out Alien Abduction II as it is a very well-designed Flash game which is both fun and rewarding.

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