Audio Podcast with Josh

Audio Podcast with Josh

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately. As you know, I have been busy. I am going to carve out more time in the next few days to post more consistent updates.

Anyway, one thing I did have time to do today was record an audio podcast with my business partner, Josh Mullineaux. Josh has been quite consistent lately with his audio podcasts – in fact, today he recorded his fifth audio podcast over the past month. Josh’s podcasts are mostly about finances, but today we talked about business development and some worthwhile startup costs for our new business, Unique Blog Designs.

Audio podcasts are a lot less time consuming to produce than video podcasts and from time to time, they can be an interesting addition to a blog. That being said, most people prefer to digest information through reading, but once in a while, I think audio podcasts can be effective communication AND branding tool.

As I mentioned, audio podcasts are much less time consuming to develop than video podcasting, which is something I had previously experimented with. I might start a weekly audio podcast like Josh’s and at some point and later on, it would be cool to interview people on it too.

Check out Josh’s blog to listen to our audio podcast.

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