Been awhile, huh?

So this is the longest I have gone without a post in a while. This blog and its audience definitely deserves an update though:

Affiliate Theme
My last post was announcing Affiliate Theme. Well, Affiliate Theme received a ton of awesome exposure and a TON of people are using it to more easily set up affiliate marketing websites. We have a lot of cool new features and additions planned which we will be adding in the upcoming weeks.

Moved back to Seattle, from Arizona
I moved to Arizona from Seattle almost 3 years ago for school. School didn’t last long (I dropped out) and eventually started this blog and building online businesses. Six months later, UBD started and since then we have been running and growing the business.

Many of you who follow me on Twitter know UBD recently moved back to Seattle from Arizona. This was due primarily for business reasons as we have many more business connections and opportunities in Seattle. Not only that, but all of our families still live here and it is a definite plus to be able to say hello to the family more often.

What’s next?
We have some really cool projects we have been working on lately which are going to change the blog design industry. I am excited to announce some cool stuff in the coming months.

As I get more caught up with work, I definitely will be blogging more. I need to start doing video – it is so much easier! 😀

27 thoughts on “Been awhile, huh?”

  1. Hey Nate, glad to see an update bud. So it looks like I am going to be the first to leave a comment on your new post…. that it unless… this post goes into moderation, or other posts before me have gone into moderation… lol, and I am also glad that to hear that you will be blogging more.

    By the way… sorry if this is a silly question… but what were you going to school for? I mean major wise. I tried reading that on the about page, but didn’t find that on there. Thanks!

    Till then,


  2. Another college dropout success story! I am looking forward to see what new stuff you’re going to come up with, as Unique Blog Designs has already cemented quite a name for itself in the industry. May you go from strength to strength, your success is deserved!

  3. Congrats on the move back to Seattle. I’m in the Vancouver Canada area. So we head down to Seattle once or twice a year. It’s definitely a cool city. I haven’t been to Arizona, but I wouldn’t want to live in the hot desert. Got any recommendations for my next Seattle trip?

  4. Hi Nate,
    This is my first time to visit in your blog.
    What I read from you, makes me excited.
    I love experimenting blog designs, and I will wait for your exciting projects.

  5. HI, Best of luck with your future programs and also its good to know that you are having better plans for the theme.

  6. Yeah it’s been a while again Nicole, but like Nate said in his post, he’s got some really cool projects in the works, so I am sure we will be hearing from him, let’s give him time hehe =D

    Oh… and on a side note about “I need to start doing video”, perhaps if you make a video Nate… Maybe you could do that, and have someone transcribe the video for you, that would be great content. The text would make the search engines happy, and the video would your readers happy, hehe. A win win for both lol.

    Till then,


  7. Yeah you must be super busy with the recent move. It’s good to be close to family and old friends though. I look forward to hearing about your new projects that are ‘going to change the blog design industry’. Sounds like exciting stuff. Blogging is such an open format that there is so much you could do.


  8. Its nice to see you back after such a long time.I have read all your articles & really enjoyed commenting on it.Can you tell us something on Google Penalty,Sandbox.It would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance

  9. It is a new month again, and there are no more posts from you, Nate. Come on buddy, we like your blog and truly want to support it, but we need some material to work with here! Please give us some fresh posts!

  10. Ohh welcome back…that was the scene behind the delay posting. yes we need some informative & knowledge material from you. Awaiting for your next post.

  11. did you congested the workplace at Arizona?You be supposed to yet rest there a single adviser who impels business and make you ease .BTW Greeting back to house.come back on work.

  12. Hi Nate, would like to say welcome back, and I also wanted to say that Affiliate Theme looks great. I am planning to make some affiliate sites later this month and I think this will be perfect for what I need.

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