Beyond The Blog: Video Podcasting

Beyond The Blog: Video Podcasting

Not too long ago, I had expressed interest to go beyond the blog and get into podcasting. Well not too shortly after that, I decided to skip podcasting and go straight to video podcasting. Part of what convinced me was watching a recent video by Mark at who decided to take his blog to the next level by adding video to it. I have to give anyone “props” who takes a risk and puts themselves out there like Mark has done. Mark covered the topic of “guest blogging” and whether it was worth doing.

Here is a link to Mark’s recent video:

Mark raises some interesting points that we address in our podcast (below).

Video Is The Next Step

Risk taking is something that takes guts, especially when it involves broadcasting yourself to several hundred (or thousand) people at a time. Taking this kind of risk allows one to quickly differentiate oneself from the rest of the blogosphere, or as Seth Godin says, “to be a purple cow.”

The fact is that there are millions of blogs now, but only a tiny percentage of those use video as a means to further market their businesses or themselves. Just as it has become common for every type of person and business to have a blog, it will become more and more common that people use video to add further credibility to their personal and business brands.

Our First Video Podcast

I hope you enjoy the short podcast (3:27) that my business partner, Josh, and I put together. I encourage all of you to try video podcasting from your blogs. It was certainly more difficult than we originally thought. Being comfortable in front of a camera really requires some experience and both Josh and I have NO significant experience public speaking or being filmed. That being said, by our ten-thousandth take, it actually seems we finally started to develop a rhythm. What I learned is that video presentation is NOT easy, but it is definitely a skill that anyone can learn if they have a little bit of dedication.

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** Here is a link to my business partner, Josh’s Blog.

Our points from the video:

  • There are a lot of blogs that are the same (“sheep blogs”) that don’t stand out from each other. Taking risks and being daring is a great way to stand out.
  • Video podcasting is not something you see very much compared to the number of written blogs. It is a good way to stand out.
  • Guest blogging is not all bad. Guest bloggers get an opportunity to potentially show a bigger audience the quality of their content. Guest blogging helped Jane May increase her readership when she guest posted for John Chow.
  • Knowing the context and purpose of your blog is important when determining post frequency and quality.
  • Some other notes from our podcast:

  • The out-takes were hilarious. I will probably post those later.
  • It seriously did take us quite a few times to get our presentation down.
  • Being perfect this first time was not our goal. We just wanted to make a halfway decent podcast.
  • Between our first and tenth take, we noticed a huge improvement.
  • I suspect after 10+ times doing this, it will seem a lot more natural.
  • Podcasting is fun and we definitely want to do more of it.

Try A Video Podcast and We Will Link To You

The fact is that video podcasting is the next new way to market yourself and your business. Try doing it – you might just be a natural in front of the camera. Even if you aren’t, just by trying and doing it, you will be standing out from 99% of other people who don’t do it! I know that after just a few times practicing, I felt a lot more confident putting together coherent thoughts and phrases in front of the camera.

If anyone wants to do a video podcast from their blog addressing some of these same topics, please let me know and I will mention and link to you in a future podcast and blogpost. Once again, congratulations to Mark from who has taken the risk and started video podcasting. Thanks for further inspiring Josh and me.

What did you guys think? Should we do more video podcasts? Video podcasts are very easy to set up and do and I think they compliment a blog post in an interesting new way. Do you agree?

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  1. Very nice change to hear you instead of read you. I like vlogging except the time it takes. It’s actually about 90% less time to write a good post than to create a good vlog post. Shooting, re-shooting, lighting considerations, sound considerations, extraneous noise, weird fluctuations in voice or jokes where they shouldn’t have been… uggghhh. It’s EASY when you’re doing something like eating a scorpion or silkworms or something, but for my serious “AfA” blog I’d have to look really presentable or something and I’m just not into it! I like your video though, I think in a short time you could really make it work and possibly, just possibly create one in the same time it would take to create a great written post. Unfortunately Google doesn’t spider video content yet… 😛 Vern

  2. Nate, loving the fact that I can see and hear the words from your mouth instead of reading them. This first video blog of yours was very refreshing and gives further insight into who You and Josh are on a very personal level.

    On another note, this video blog idea is great as I don’t always have the opportunity to open my browser while at work to read your daily posts. I can see myself firing up the headphones and hitting play and going back to work while listening to your post.

    With that being said would it make any sense for you to create an embeddable voice file (simply your voice reading your blog entry when not created in vblog mode)?

    Again I’m just thinking of easier more efficient ways for me (possibly others?) to continue following your daily adventure through entrepreneurship.

    Cheers Nate


  3. Cool! I kinda feel like I’ve met you now…in weird sort of way.

    I think for your first time, you both did an excellent job. Josh especially appears quite comfortable in front of the camera.

    Pointers –
    The top of your head should be at least two thirds up the screen.
    A cool intro with music will have more impact
    Rather than having the pressure of doing it all in one take, do it in points, and between each point have a blackout with the heading of your next point, or a question or something (if you know what I mean)
    Experiment with lighting, even try a desk light behind the camera, shining on your faces, or even take it outside!
    Turn your chairs slightly inward so that you’re half facing the camera, and half facing each other. That’ll make it easier to look at each other when conversing, and passing it over, etc.
    Experiment, experiment, experiment…it’ll pay off.

    P.S. – I haven’t a clue about vlogging. These thoughts just came into my head.

  4. Awesome! You’ve just opened yourself up to a whole new audience also (youtubers). I’m curious to see where you take video and what you do with the crowd, I’m still learning a bunch.

  5. As pointed out above, I would suggest that you do some extra work on the finer points in presentation. My ideas:
    -You desperately need to work on lighting. The camera focused on your lamp in the background so everything was a bit dark.
    -Make it more of a conversation between the two of you.
    -Hand in hand with the above, don’t stare at the camera. It feels like a staring contest with you guys.
    -On the site here, it would be nice to see a form or something where readers can submit ideas for you to cover in the video post instead of rehashing older ideas.
    -Debate. Take something with an argument and weigh out the two sides. Each of you take take a side and argue it out.
    -Be spontaneous. Try it. It feels too scripted right now.

    What I like
    -I can hear you well- I didn’t need to max out my speakers.
    -Seeing your computer in the background gives an atmosphere of what you are trying to convey (read: what blogger doesn’t have a computer).
    -List of points helps define the post without watching it (make sure it is done afterward).

    Regardless of the above, it was nice to see the video post. It definitely feels like I know you better now. Keep it up, I like it.

  6. Great video Nate. I’m looking forward to more in the future. I agree with you about guest posting, I think people raise their game when their guest posting on a site like problogger.

    Good luck,
    Kevin 🙂

  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the support and constructive criticism, so far! Some excellent points were raised about how we could improve our presentation and we will definitely take these into careful consideration for our next podcast.

    Part of what I think is so damn cool about blogging is the instant feedback I can receive on something. This is just another example of me turning to my community for great advice. Being that I have known many of you for several months now, it is especially cool that I am able to consistently receive open and honest feedback regarding new experiments such as this.

    On another note, this recent video podcast (as quickly put together as it was) did seem to accomplish one other thing I was hoping it to, and that is making all of you feel like you “know me” slightly better. It is one thing for you to have been reading my articles for the past several months, but from that standpoint, you don’t have any other solid proof I am who I say I am – but through video podcasting, another level of “familiarity” can be established thanks to seeing and hearing me in a video format.

    Keep up the feedback coming, everyone. I really appreciate it. Once again, we strongly encourage anyone to make their own video podcast to add that extra level of familiarity to your blog! Thanks, guys!

  8. So would it be beneficial to do a video post, then have the transcript below it for indexing?

    Also, I agree with the “sheep blogs” comment. I mean look at the massive amount of blogs that are almost an exact copy of John Chow’s blog. Not only do they also talk about making money online, they have the exact same theme that he does.

    I think my blog stands out a lot more, now that I have a sweet theme 🙂

  9. Hey Nate.

    Well firstly what a great way to answer Mark’s original question of whether Guest Blogging was worth the effort or not. Your video was very good (and professional) and it highlights the fact as you mentioned that we all need to stand out – heck I just ordered Purple Cow yesterday – can’t wait to read it ;).

    It may be obvious but on my comments on Mark’s post, I totally forgot about the fact that guest bloggers want to make a good impression.

    In the blogosphere, we regularly only get a visitor to land on our site and for them to have a few seconds to make a decision whether they stick on that page or move on. We’ve all gotta try and get the best reaction possible and entice readers onto your site. Therefore, guest posters are more likely to put effort into their guest posts, despite the obvious plugs, as they could gain something more beneficial than a backlink – a new community.

    Can’t wait for the next videos Nate – great work!

  10. Great video, it is really well done. I definitely think that it was a good move, as it makes both of your blogs more personal now. You remind me of Dave Grohl nate 😉

    Keep it up, i can’t wait to see the next!

    1. I look like a rock star? Nice. I’ll have to start using that one on the ladies. 😉 Yeah I was pretty thickly-bearded that day. Most often, my facial hair is thinner than that. Thanks for the words of encouragement. We look forward to producing our next mini show. BTW, when is your show going to be out?

  11. Quick question.

    You talk about taking risks. What are the risks associated with video podcasting? Most of us have webcams/microphones/camera phones and can use free software to edit them, as well as youtube to host them.

    Personal embarrassment aside, what else is a risk? Time it takes?

    If not, it could be VERY worthwhile to produce a few videos to get the message out.

    1. Rhys – you hit the nail on the head. I think that anything that requires us to “step outside” of our comfort zone is, in essence, a risk. Because most people (including myself, initially) are not 100% comfortable broadcasting ourselves to hundreds (if not thousands) of people, trying this new form of communication is a risk.

      Obviously on the scale of things, video podcasting is not a huge risk. However, the rewards for a risk such as this I think are worth mentioning. Possible rewards include adding another sense of familiarity to my blog, thus further branding myself and creating a more memorable persona to people. Another reward would be inspiring someone else to start video podcasting.

      That being said, I am just a huge fan of doing things DIFFERENT. How do we stand out if we don’t try to be different? Video podcasting is a just another way that I can differentiate myself from other bloggers out there. The initial risk involved of looking like a video-podcasting newb will pay off over time if it helps increase my readership. Plus, the possibility that this could help (in any slight way) video podcasting become more mainstream in the blogosphere is very promising as well.

  12. Great work, Nate / Josh.

    You’ve made me want to give it a shot myself (as soon as I get myself a decent video camera).

    Definitely helps add a more personal touch to your blog efforts. There are quite a few constructive points of critique above which I was going to touch on, but they’ve already been made.

    Keep it up.

  13. Great first cast Nate.

    It’s definitely a branding plus and a good way to get more comfortable in uncomfortable situations which will help your business objectives a lot

  14. Great work, I look forward to more of these!

    I haven’t read the other comments so it may already have been mentioned, but I would suggest running it more as a conversation.

    Both of you guys started at the camera the whole time as if you didn’t care what the other was saying 😀
    Looking at the speaker and the occasional nod would help the messages get through even better.

    But other than that very professional – I can’t believe you two don’t have much public speaking experience…

  15. I am not convinced that video podcasting or video blogging is the future – sure, it has its place and many people may prefer watching a video compared to reading text.

    The thing with video is it demands far more time from the visitor – they can’t skim an article; with a video they have to sit and watch it all if they are to get to the content.

    If videos are to be used, I think they should be accompanied with textual transcripts for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to watch videos.

    – Martin Reed

  16. Hey Martin, I agree with you that if video should be used – it should be accompanied by a textual transcript. That being said, I think video complements the web viewing experience very nicely and we will surely start seeing more people use it, in additional to their normal blogging routine.

  17. Nice. I just posted a video blog about branding myself. My first video on youtube that links up with my new Jet Train. Funny How I just released my video last night.

    I dislike guest blogging. But I think its better to just create you own brand like you said.

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  19. Hey Nate that’s so cool! Congrats to you and Josh on the 1st podcast! 🙂
    I now feel like I know you a little better, and that’s awesome. Excellent move there.

    Hey so I’m not the only one with a beard? 😉 (it’s true you kinda have this Dave Grohl look hehe)

    branding, branding, branding

  20. Hey Nate,
    Congrats on your first video. I’d consider a different format.. maybe more conversational. Check out But I’m sure it will become more relaxed once you’ve done it a few times. Good job.

  21. Great first podcast!

    I’ve been thinking of entering this arena with my blogs. Just getting to the point of starting and recording the first one is the biggest hurdle, which after doing once, I think will be a lot easier.

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