24 thoughts on “Blog World Expo”

    1. they had one of the hottest booths there, imo, if not the hottest.

      nate, i’m sooo excited for your guys. you’re so gonna blow up…big balla style… h-to the izzo…v-to the izzay…

      1. I totally agree with D . . . you guys were the best prepared and most successful booth at the expo . . . i would say you guys had the biggest buzz and I’m really excited where you guys rate in TwoThousand NATE! . . . . on the rizzle fo tha nizzle!

        1. Thanks guys for the positive comments. We can’t wait for next year’s BWE among the many more conferences we will be attending within the coming year. It is a plus that we all live relatively close to each other so we can network and party hard every time a Vegas conference rolls around!

  1. Nate, Josh, Matt and David,

    Congratulations on your successful debut at the World Blog Expo in Las Vegas this past week!

    Not only was it awesome to finally meet you and your extremely talented crew, but it was ‘hella’ fun partying like rockstars with you!!!

    See you soon


  2. Hey Nate, was awesome to finally meet you and the Unique Blog Designs team. Feel free to grab any pics off zacjohnson.com if you like them. Looking forward to working with you a lot more now!

  3. Boys, I can’t comprehend how rediculously fun it was meeting and partying like ROCKSTARS with you in Vegas!!!

    Can’t wait do it again!


  4. I have designed numerous booths for trade shows…I have also done the lion’s share of the planning for one massive trade show. It is beyond important to have a booth that stands out. Good for you for being one of the few who gets that.

  5. Nice work Nate, looking forward to the extended version later today. Good effort with UBD having a professional, uniform look about you too …. even though the industry attire is casual it reflects your business as a professional outfit.

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  7. I do have to admit I am very gelous that I did not get to go to BlogWorld this year. I am planning to attend next year. It is really cool that you got to meet all the people that you have met through blogging in person.

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