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A few months ago, we acquired the fantastic domain name, We knew this would be the perfect web address to launch our new Internet marketing training community and blog.

Everything on is completely free – there is nothing to purchase. We created this blog as a “thank you” to our customers and to give back to the Internet marketing community.

The writing/managing team includes professional bloggers and online marketers such as John Chow, Zac Johnson and Michael Kwan.

You can go there right now and read a ton of cool articles, including some very useful blog posts, such as: is so brand new that it doesn’t even have any comments yet! You are literally one of the first people to learn about this new site.

In the coming months, will become a major hub for online marketers and those who want to learn to become better marketers. We have a ton of cool stuff planned, including the first launch contest (details below)… Launch Contest: WIN a $100 Best Buy Gift Card

WIN a $100 Best Buy Gift CardWe are having an IMCoach Launch contest and you can win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card! Here’s how…

  1. Go checkout
  2. Leave a comment on any of the posts
  3. You will will automatically be entered to win!
  4. OPTIONAL: For an additional entry, re-tweet one of the posts using the
    hashtag #imcoach
  5. OPTIONAL: For another additional entry, “like” our Facebook page

The contest runs for the next two weeks – until Friday, August 6th. Check out and let me know what you think!

If you are looking for strategic internet marketing, take a look at The College Startup where you can get some of the best tips and tricks on how to leverage your business, such as how to rock Google+ and get more conversions from your social media.

Blog Profit Camp Now Live (Closes Friday, July 9th)

Blog Profit CampI have been working with John Chow over the past few months on his new program, Blog Profit Camp. I am happy to report that it has finally gone live and will be open until Friday, July 9th at midnight.

Blog Profit Camp is a 12-week interactive course that will show you step by step how to make big money with blogging. John started blogging in December 2005 and within two years, took his blog from making zero to making over $40,000 per month!

Today, he run one of the biggest and most profitable blogs in the world, with over 100,000 RSS readers and over 56,000
people following me on Twitter.

Squeeze Theme, Sales Page Theme and Squeeze Camp are being integrated into the top two packages to make it even easier for novices to both learn and pursue an Internet marketing strategy with all of the tools they need.

You can learn more here (no affiliate link):

Congratulations to John for launching this incredible new program!

Happy Birthday UBD! 1-Year Anniversary Contest

Today, August 22nd, 2008, is the 1-year anniversary of Unique Blog Designs. One year ago, UBD was born with the redesign of John Chow dot Com.

Fast forward one year, and we have worked with over 200 clients, including John Chow, ShoeMoney, Zac Johnson, Uber Affiliate, Fat Man Unleashed, Alex Shalman, MakeUseOf,, Blog World Expo, Entrecard, and now, Yahoo!

Enter the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest

In celebration of our one-year birthday, we will be running a contest for the remainder of August (until Sunday, August 31st). The contest is open to everyone on Earth! If you are not from Earth, you are responsible for the cost of shipping. So, what are the prizes? Continue reading Happy Birthday UBD! 1-Year Anniversary Contest

New Blog Design For My Biz Partner and UBD Designer, Matt Blancarte

New Blog Design For UBD's Matt Blancarte I am happy to announce that my long-time friend and business partner, Matt Blancarte, has unleashed a new design for his personal blog, Matt Blancarte dot Com. I have known Matt since we were juniors in high school, so it is cool to see his new brand materialize online.

Matt has been working with UBD since its August 2007 inception, but he has been blogging since July of 2007. Matt’s blog focuses mostly on design, business, and personal development. Matt just posted a detailed write-up on the process and functionality behind his new design.

In addition to being UBD’s lead designer, Matt will be speaking on the “Blog Design Makeover” this year at IZEA Fest, a convention for bloggers and online advertisers. IZEA Fest will be held on September 11-13, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. In addition to speaking at the event, UBD will also be exhibiting at the event with a booth.

Several other well-known bloggers will be speaking at the event including Jeremy Schoemaker, Loren Feldman of 1938 Media, John Chow, Neil Patel and Michael Brito, among many other famous faces.

Head on over to Matt’s blog and let him know what you think of the new design. Congratulations on the new redesign, Matt!

Hello Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0

Hello to Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0

Let me get straight to the facts:

  • I started my blog in January of 2007 (almost 1.5 years ago).
  • I started a blog design company in August of 2007 (almost 9 months ago).
  • Since then, I have been using a free, but highly customized theme by Ed Merritt called Ocean Mist…until now.

Welcome to Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0.

Now, you may ask yourself, “why did the guy who started Unique Blog Designs wait so long to design a unique theme for himself?”

Good question. Continue reading Hello Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0