What If Google Took Over the Media?

Earlier tonight, one of my professors sent me a link to a video showing a very interesting look into the future. Imagine if Google contiuned on its current path of brand and media domination…and what would happen in the next 7 years. This video is a must-watch for anyone who is curious about the future of the Internet and news media.

Link: EPIC 2014

I am interested to hear what others think of this video. Is this forecast possible? Impossible? Give me your thoughts.

Blogging to a Global Audience

Blogging to a Global Audience

What is truly the purpose of blogging? For businesses, it is to better communicate with their customers. For others, it is to keep in touch with old friends or meet new ones. The ultimate purpose is to “talk” to a diverse audience.

I have been blogging for only a week now, but I have seen traffic skyrocket in the past few days. It is amazing to blog to such a diverse group of people. I now have readers from all over the World, including Germany, Japan, Mexico, Italy, China, and Korea. This is fantastic, but unfortunately, my blog is not translated into those country’s native languages. Some of the readers might know English, but the fact is that I am mostly unread by those countries. Not only that, but foreign language search engines are just NOT indexing my blog. This is a problem, but there is a new solution.

Angsuman Chakraborty has produced a plugin for WordPress blogs that will translate your blog text into 12 different languages. It simply makes an automatic mirror of your site in each language. You can choose either Google or Babel Fish as your translation software. Granted, the translations may not be perfect, but this is the right step in globalizing your blog. The plugin translates into the following languages:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean

Afer you install the plugin, Google and the other search engines will now index your blog in each language. One blogger mentioned he went from 250 to 1,650 indexed pages in and saw traffic DOUBLE in 2 weeks. The plugin does cost $30, but it is well worth it considering you are now reaching a MUCH wider audience. The plugin is easy to install, but the programmer has to customize it for your individual blog. This only takes a day or so.

Find out more about the translation WordPress plugin

Want to be a Dot Com Mogul? Start with JohnChow.com

JohnChow.com - The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

Over the past few years, blogging has taken the ‘Net by storm and many people prefer reading weblogs to mainstream news. One blog that has continually inspired me is JohnChow.com. His blog is a well-rounded mix of enjoyable and highly useful content.

John Chow is the editor-in-chief for a leading computer hardware review site, The Tech Zone. In a nutshell, John’s blog is an insider’s look into the lucrative world of Internet marketing. He often covers topics relating to monetizing web sites, the pros and cons of various advertising channels, and how to market your blog. That is certainly not all though. John also features articles on cars, fine dining, investing, technology, the Internet, as well as many other topics.

John’s blog has in operation since December 2005, and to-date, he has posted over 600 articles. He sets a great example for how frequently a blog should be updated. The articles are always well-written and insightful. His most recent post, entitled “Creating Content – Post Length & Post Frequency” is an excellent example of a valuable article for anyone who operates a blog.

Business blogging has become extremely popular as of late. Large corporations such as Boeing, GM, and IBM all encourage their employees to maintain personal blogs. Not only is this a great way to communicate directly with customers, but it is also another source of exposure for these companies. John’s blog is the perfect mix of professional and personal affairs. Even though he receives over 200,000 unique visitors per month, John personally responds to every question he receives. I sent him a question ten minutes ago, and to my surprise, I have already received a response back.

To anyone who operates their own blog or is interested in Internet marketing in general, I highly recommend reading JohnChow.com. He is a true inspiration for how useful and entertaining a blog can be. Thanks to John Chow for the opportunity to write this review.

Selling on Your Own Site vs. Selling on eBay

TreoWebinar.com vs. eBay

Many retail shops that operate online web stores have an eBay storefront as well. eBay is an incredibly popular outlet to buy everything from toilet paper to cell phones. eBay is great because buyers come looking and ready to buy. With eBay’s “Buy It Now” option, it is easier than ever to instantly sell your products. Many sellers prefer to use the “Buy It Now” option because their items are priced to sell and most people do not bid on auctions until the last minute.

As some of you know, we operate an online business called Treo Webinar, which features an online training module for the Palm Treo 650 and 700 smartphones. We sell the Treo Webinar on the web site for $4.97 and also offer a Getting Started Free Trial for those not ready to make the purchase. We have spent a great deal of time customizing the web site and writing original content to pursuade buyers to spend their $5 bucks for instant Treo help. We also sell the Treo Webinar on eBay, for the same price. The eBay listing, however, has far less written content and no page customization. Ironically, we have sold AT LEAST twice as many Treo Webinars on eBay as we do on our own site.

What is the reason? Just like people use search engines to find what they are looking for, they use eBay in much the same way. In eBay’s case, however, they have to purchase their desired content. We are only one of two listings in an eBay search for “Treo help,” but when you do a Google search for it, there are over 4.5 million listings.

I have been frustrated with eBay over the past week because they have pulled my domain auction listing for theiphone.net several times. However, eBay is not all bad and our success rate selling Treo Webinar has been very good. I am convinced eBay is an excellent source to sell information on the cheap.

So what is the better choice? To sell on eBay or to have your own customized web store? BOTH! We have certainly sold many more Webinars over eBay, but we have sold many from our web site too. The best place to sell is in as many places as possible. You can never have too much exposure.

Final Day at Apple + eBay Pulled My Listing Again

Today was my final day as a Mac Specialist at the Apple Store. That job was a great introductory to sales and being Mac computers, I had all the knowledge I would ever need, even before I started working there. I can’t say that I will miss the repetitiveness of the job. Selling iPods and Macs to all day does get boring. I much rather have a limited selection of clientele, instead of working with the general public. Nonetheless, the job provided for some great discounts and the Mac-centric community was definitely interesting.

On another note, eBay has, for the fourth time, pulled my domain listing, theiphone.net. This time my listing was pulled for “keyword spamming,” which supposedly is when you have unrelated words in the listing title. They did not like that I used the word “iPhone” in my listing title, even though the domain I am selling has the word “iPhone” in it.

Ever since the PS3 and Wii scams on eBay, they have been notorious for pulling auctions that draw any attention to a hot product, even if the item has relation to the product. According to eBay, the only way I can use the word “iPhone” in my domain is if I am selling an actual iPhone. That is complete B.S., if you ask me, especially since there are tons of iPhone email addresses and other domains being sold on eBay. If a consumer is confused about my auction listing, once they notice the $5,000 price tag, they should be convinced I am not actually selling an iPhone.