Our Newest Venture – Highlighter.com

For the past six months, Matt, Josh and I have been working on a super-secret new startup. I am happy to finally announce it!


Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that allows authors to actively engage their audience. They can direct readers attention to any part of the post by ‘highlighting’ any word, sentence or image.

Although we are starting with a WordPress plugin, Highlighter will eventually unify what you highlight, comment, and share across all content, platforms and devices, to create a dynamic relationship between publishers and readers.

That means whether you are reading a blog post from your computer or an eBook/PDF on your iPad, the interaction with content will remain the same.

Highlighter will keep those highlights, comments and notes in a centralized location that you can share with others and/or review at a later time.

Readers can now highlight, comment and share any word, sentence, paragraph or image on a blog post as well, giving the audience unprecedented ability to interact with content.

This means that conversations are no longer limited to the just “comments” of the page – now visitor interaction can take place anywhere within the content. Visitors can also share any sentence or piece of text just by highlighting and clicking!

Sound confusing? It’s not. Check this video out to see how it works.

Collect more emails

The rules of “Internet Marketing 101” say that an email list is the foundation of all internet marketing efforts. Highlighter has built-in email collection tools that will allow you to integrate with Aweber, Mailchimp or GetResponse. This means that you can capture commentor’s email addresses that before would have been lost.

Anyone who knows anything about online marketing knows that emails convert better than Twitter and Facebook combined.

Increased traffic

Highlighter makes sharing remarkably easy. All a reader has to do is highlight any word, sentence, or image and with one click, readers can share via twitter, facebook, or email. This means that instead of just sharing article titles, your audience will now be able to share the specific elements that they find interesting.

The easier it is to share, the more your visitors will do it.

Commenters will also be notified when someone else responds to the conversation, which also increases pageviews.

How does it work?

If you want to comment on something, just highlight it and click the comment button. Highlighter allows the publisher to moderate inline comments just like regular comments. Therefore unless the author has changed the default setting, comments will need to be moderated before they appear.

Once you have made your comment, a little bubble will show up letting all other readers know that someone has made a comment.

You will find that on any previously commented line of text, the text has a slightly grey dashed underline followed by a little comment bubble. Upon hovering over this text, you will see the comment bubble enlarges with a number in it. This is the number of times this text has been commented upon.

What about blogs with mountains of comments?

The guys at Highlighter were aware that with any significant amount of conversation around a topic, it would be less convenient to read via the bubble.

That is why they created the Highlight Box, which displays all of the inline comments in one place for readers to view. However, with the Highlight Box, each comment or conversation is in context to a highlighted word, sentence, paragraph or image on the blog, making the conversations on the blog much more valuable.

Why would readers want to comment inline? Often with a highly commented blog post, the context the comment can be lost after XX number of comments. Highlighter makes it much easier to retain the context of conversations.

Highlighter is also ideal for longer, more in-depth posts.

Inline commenting

For some verticals, there can be many uses for inline commenting, such as:

  • To reference a particular word or term in the medical or legal fields
  • To provide peer review/feedback in an academic or enterprise setting
  • To display a relevant affiliate link or advertisement within any kind of review/promotional blog post (links and images can be easily embedded within inline comments)

A more social web

Imagine how much more ‘social’ web pages will become when ANYTHING within the content can be attached to a specific, in-context conversation or shared with just one-click!

Of course, giving the publisher fully-moderated control over what is and isn’t displayed is paramount. The last thing anyone wants is for a web page to be graffitied up with spam or other nonsense.

Thankfully, Highlighter gives the publisher full moderation control and fights spam using WordPress’s built-in spam tool, Akismet.

Try Highlighter on your blog

Highlighter is still in development. The guys developing it, Matt, Nate and Josh are running a few case studies and wanted feedback from me, you and my readers!

What do you think of this new way to interact with content? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, comment on any word, sentence, paragraph or image in this blog post!

Pay $25 for $50 Worth of Gear & Apparel at GiantNerd

Hey guys! I’ve got a quick favor to ask. One of our fellow TechStars teams is working on daily deal marketing, and launched a store today for one of the TechStars founders (Brad Feld). On the store you can purchase a $50 voucher for $25 that can be used at a website that has lots of great outdoor clothing, shoes and gear. It doesn’t matter where you live… they can ship anywhere!

Please support these guys on their big launch today at www.dealcoop.com/bradfeld

Boating through the Puget Sound

Over the weekend, I headed over to my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We decided it would be fun to spend some time outdoors, so we headed down to the Gig Harbor Marina and rented an 8-person motor boat (even though it was only the four of us). The Puget Sound is a beautiful place, so I ended up taking a bunch of photos with my iPhone 4 including some interesting photos of the new Narrows Bridge which was finished just a few years ago. Here are some of the best ones…

Gig Harbor Waterfront






Hello, world

This is the first blog post I have written in over a year. For anyone who is still reading my blog, hello and thanks for being a loyal NateWhitehill.com reader!

If any of you personally know me, you know that I moved down to Arizona in 2006 to begin my business/Internet moneymaking journey. That ended up going quite well when I started this blog in January 2007 and then Unique Blog Designs in August 2007. Continue reading Hello, world

Been awhile, huh?

So this is the longest I have gone without a post in a while. This blog and its audience definitely deserves an update though:

Affiliate Theme
My last post was announcing Affiliate Theme. Well, Affiliate Theme received a ton of awesome exposure and a TON of people are using it to more easily set up affiliate marketing websites. We have a lot of cool new features and additions planned which we will be adding in the upcoming weeks.

Moved back to Seattle, from Arizona
I moved to Arizona from Seattle almost 3 years ago for school. School didn’t last long (I dropped out) and eventually started this blog and building online businesses. Six months later, UBD started and since then we have been running and growing the business.

Many of you who follow me on Twitter know UBD recently moved back to Seattle from Arizona. This was due primarily for business reasons as we have many more business connections and opportunities in Seattle. Not only that, but all of our families still live here and it is a definite plus to be able to say hello to the family more often.

What’s next?
We have some really cool projects we have been working on lately which are going to change the blog design industry. I am excited to announce some cool stuff in the coming months.

As I get more caught up with work, I definitely will be blogging more. I need to start doing video – it is so much easier! 😀