Website Launch for Best Selling Author and SEO Professional, Michael Fleischner

Recently, UBD launched two new WordPress-powered websites for Michael Fleischner, the best selling author of Public Speaking Made Simple and SEO Made Simple.

Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert and founder of Upward SEO. He has appeared on ABC World News, The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media with experience in all types of marketing including advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, market research, and trade show management.

Here’s what we did for Michael:

  • Wireframing and design
  • HTML5/CSS3 Markup
  • Assisted in site copywriting
  • WordPress integration
  • Cross-browser testing, staging & deployment

Our Work

Visit Public Speaking Made Simple

SEO Made Simple Website by Unique Blog Designs
Visit SEO Made Simple

Here’s what Michael said about working with us:

UBD has done an amazing job on a number of my websites. Not only do they bring world class design, but functionality as well. My sites look good, are highly engaging and have elevated my brand.

Michael’s Books

If you’re interested in either of Michael’s books, you can find them here:

Interested in a blog/site design?

If you’re interested in a blog or website design, head over to Unique Blog Designs or send us a message below:

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Affiliate Theme

WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for not just blogs, but also websites and even landing pages/review sites for affiliate marketers!

Why? Ease of use, familiarity, and more uses than Grandpa’s Swiss army knife.

We have worked closely with and picked the brains of some of the top names in blogging and affiliate marketing, including:

  • John Chow
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Yaro Starak
  • Zac Johnson
  • Paul Bourque
  • Jonathan Volk
  • Jim Kukral
  • Gobala Krishnan
  • John Reese

They have all told us the one thing they wish they had was a WordPress theme optimized for affiliate marketing websites. Well, now the wait is over…

aff theme

Affiliate Theme is an innovative new WordPress theme built exclusively for affiliate marketers and make money online bloggers who build landing page, review sites, and other mini-sites for niche products and offers.

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Win A Blog Design Makeover From IZEA and UBD!


In September, my biz partners and I spent three weekends of the month at blog and Internet conferences. One of the conferences we attended was IZEA Fest in Orlando, Florida, where my biz partner, Matt Blancarte, gave a speech on blog design for the Blog Design Makeover panel.

Needless to say, IZEA Fest and the Blog Design Makeover panel were incredibly successful for both UBD and IZEA. Matt and the other panelists did an excellent job at discussing the blog designs they made over. You can watch the full video presentation here.

Win A Blog Design Makeover From UBD

At the recent Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA, mentioned the idea of doing a monthly promotion to for bloggers to win a free blog design makeover. Of course, we thought it was a great izea, I mean idea!

We are huge IZEA fans and we are proud to partner with them for this opportunity. Even cooler, the first Blog Design Makeover promotion is now launching.

Entering this monthly contest is super easy! Read more details here »

Thanks to IZEA for their promotion and support!

Blog World Expo ’08 – What A Blast!

Just like last year, Blog World Expo has come and gone way too quickly. This was my second appearance to the second annual Blog World Expo, held in Las Vegas Nevada. Overall, the BWE08 weekend far surpassed last year!

Last year was our first conference ever and first time we exhibited, as well. This year, UBD designed and implemented the official Blog World Expo Blog, so we were upgraded to a 10×20 booth (twice as big as last year). KA POW!

On Friday afternoon, only four days after returning from Orlando (IZEA Fest), we packed up our monitors and UBD supplies, and we drove the 4.5-hour trek from Phoenix to Las Vegas.


We arrived in Vegas around 9:00PM, right when the Tech Set party was kicking off. We first met up with our Blog World Expo buddies from last year, Ms. Danielle and Greg Morgan.

New friends Gary from and Derek Semmler also joined us and we went to the Tech Set party at the Mirage where we met up with our Market Leverage home girls, Dina and Debby, and ShoeMoney.

At this point, the bar was closing at the Tech Set party, so we went another bar in the Mirage where we saw IZEA CEO Ted Murphy and also Pete Cashmore from Mashable. After a few drinks with everyone, we basically called it a night. 😉

Greg Morgan, Matt Blancarte, Nate Whitehill, Gary Ng, Dina Roccobono

Josh Mullineaux, Ted Murphy, Nate Whitehill

Jeremy Schoemaker, Nate Whitehill, Danielle Nagami

Debby Phillips, Ian Fernando, Nate Whitehill, Dina Roccobonno

Nate Whitehill, Jeremy Schoemaker, David Brim, Pete Cashmore


Saturday was the first day of the conference, so we spent the majority of the day at the conference hall talking to a wide range of different businesses and individuals. As you can see, I look a little more tired than the night before. 😉

ShoeMoney and Ted Murphy stopped by to let us distribute some of their t-shirts, stickers and buttons. Did we mention we love IZEA?

Ted Murphy, Josh Mullineaux, Matt Blancarte, Nate Whitehill, Jeremy Schoemaker

Later that night, the fun started when we went to the Market Leverage-hosted Super Panel dinner with Internet stars such as Zac Johnson, Ian Fernando, John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker, Brian Clarke and Jim Kukral. We had dinner at an awesome steakhouse. Big thanks to Market Leverage!


Sunday was the final day of the expo, but luckily, I was much better rested than the previous night. We exhibited all day, and afterwards, we had dinner with John Chow, ShoeMoney, the Market Leverage girls at the Red8 Chinese restaraunt in the Wynn.

Unfortunately, my camera died earlier that day so I wasn’t able to snap any more pictures.

Overall, it was an incredibly productive weekend and some of the best networking I have done since, well, the week before. 😉

Sometimes people ask me if I have any tips or tricks for people looking to get started online and how they can become more well known in their online field. My answer is always:

The best way to network online…is to do it IN PERSON!!!

Remember that next time you are thinking about going to an industry conference/tradeshow.

More photos here »

Citrus Theme

Back in the Olden Days, when I used to work at the Apple Store, I met friend and fellow Apple enthusiast, John Ellenich.

Almost two years since I started working at and quit Apple, John and I decided it would be smart to design and release a premium theme together in conjunction with Unique Blog Designs. We are proud to release Citrus Theme in six beautiful colors.

You can learn more about Citrus Theme here… Let us know what you think!