Chatting With a Legend

So earlier this morning I was chatting with friend and business partner, David Wilkinson, about an article he wrote for six-figure blogger, Darren Rowse. David’s article apparently got dugg to the front page earlier today.

Anyway, as we were chatting on Skype, David told me he was also talking with Darren as well and invited him to join our conversation. So for a good while earlier I was in a chat with the blog-legend himself, Darren Rowse.

Darren is an incredibly nice guy and I got the chance to ask where he thought the future of blogging would be going. As this is a question Darren has surely pondered many a time before, he referenced me to an article he wrote about how blogs will merge with other types of media in 2007.

I also asked Darren if he would be speaking at the Elite Retreat in Phoenix this coming September. He said he will be presenting at the Elite Retreat in March, but he is still unsure whether he will make it to my homeland of Phoenix, Arizona.

By the way, today is my official first month anniversary of blogging, and very appropriately, Darren wished me a “Happy 1 Month Blogiversary!” Darren also visited my blog and added my RSS feed to his subscriptions! Now, I really feel like I have to step up my game! Thanks, Darren!

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