1000th Comment Contest Update

I am pleased to announce that GoStats will be sponsoring my 1000th Comment Contest by offering the 1000th Commentator a 2-year subscription to GoStats Pro (a $180 value). This is in addition to the other prizes, including $25 cash via PayPal, a review of your blog, and 1 hour of my graphic design services.

Who is GoStats? GoStats has been providing a reliable web traffic counter service since 1999.

Just to remind you, there are two parts and two separate winners for my 1000th Comment Contest:

Contest PART 1: Whoever posts the 1000th comment (excluding me and trackbacks) will win:

  • $25 CASH via PayPal
  • Review of your blog
  • 1 hour of my graphic design services (i.e., new header, buttons, banner, etc.)
  • 2-Year Subscription to GoStats Pro ($180 value)
  • Contest PART 2: I am going to hold a random drawing for anyone who writes a blog post about this contest. The winner will receive:

  • $25 CASH via PayPal
  • Review of your blog
  • 1 hour of my graphic design services (i.e., new header, buttons, banner, etc.)
  • There are only 4 entries for part 2 of the contest, so if you blog about the contest, your chances of winning $25 will only be 1 in 5.

    Read more information about the contest including official rules.

    Thanks to Richard at GoStats for sponsoring this contest!

    35 thoughts on “1000th Comment Contest Update”

    1. I can always use another stats package. There are some very tempting rewards there.

      It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. It would be nice, however, to know if we are at least close to the 1000th comment.

    2. I always cringe at contests like these, as I wrote in my blog article about why.

      I do however wish you luck with it and hope you achieve your goals – time will tell if the increase in comments is sustainable after the competition.

      – Martin Reed

      1. Hey Martin, thanks for the wishes. This contest is not designed to increase my comments or further my goals, just to give back to my readers and commentators a little bit. 🙂

    3. Hey Nate,

      Great outlook on this! It’s not about increasing comments, but about giving something back to those who contribute.

      Good luck with it!

    4. Sounds cool. Contests are always fun – and add some live to a blog 🙂

      What are you using to find the 1000th comment?
      Because by “reverse engineering” your blog it looks like you’ve gotten over 4000 comments+trackbacks (including all the spam)…

      1. I am just using the Blog Stats listed under the WP-Admin, where it says “There are currently xx posts and xx comments, contained within xx categories.” Once I hit the 1000th comment, I will just check in my WP-Admin to see who posted it. As I stated in the original contest rules, the 1000th comment can be anyone except for me or a trackback.

    5. the steam is picking up nate … as evil as it may sounds, people just love contest – subject to cash prize … try to throw away some thumbdrive and you’re committnig suicide …

      just wondering if the stat can be transferable? meaning as long as i do not use it can i re-use it as another contest giveaway? some of us might already have the stat counter …

      good luck everyone …

    6. Wow…this has got to be one of the sickest prizes i have seen given away by a blog…especially the 1 hour consult. So here begins my campaign to win this magnificient prize…

    7. i’m in!
      Nice idea for a contest…I’ve also started my own own contest on my website!!! if someone wants to participate…it’s totally FREE and you can win easily $10…you just need to make a comment on my post!

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