Crazy Fast, Exotic Cars at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction!

WARNING: For anyone who is not a total gear-head like me, this post may be of little or no interest to you. That being said, you have to admit…half-million AND MILLION dollar cars are pretty cool no matter what you think about cars, right? Yep, that’s what I thought. πŸ˜‰

This was my second time going to the annual Barrett Jackson Auto Auction and Car Show, which plays host to 250,000 people every year. It is a week long event that features some of the most amazing classic cars, modern day super cars, and even vintage and new race cars. Truly an epic event for anyone who is a car nut like me.

There is a new class of super-ultra-cars that are incredibly light weight, high in horsepower, and well, insanely fast. Those are usually my favorite cars to hang around, so I took most of my pics/video of these rare, exotic monsters.

I took my Flip Mino HD and digital camera to the event grab some footage/pics. Some of the most epic vehicles:

Koenigsegg CCX
Koenigsegg CCX
4.7 L twin-supercharged V8
806 hp and 782 ft-lb of torque
Price: $1.2 million

Gumpert Apollo
Gumpert Apollo
640hp Audi V8 Engine.
Weight: 2400lbs
0-60 in 3.0 seconds.
Price: $425,000

Cadillac LeMans Race Car
Cadillac LMP-02
600 hp Twin Turbocharged V8
1984lbs (it’s a damn racecar)
Price: Auctioned off for only $145,000. This is the deal of a century. Some day this car may be worth MILLLLLLLLIONS of dollars!

Better start saving up!

63 thoughts on “Crazy Fast, Exotic Cars at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction!”

  1. The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is looking like a piece of art. motor in the back might not be great for weight balance, but it sounds beautiful. Always loved the top-up door design.

  2. Is the Cadillac road legal? I always wanted one. You see all sorts of cars here from lambos to zondars but nobody ever drives an “F1 lookalike” (I’m not too sure how to call this type of low Le Mans racers).

  3. Wow. This is like paradise on earth for my eyes. :-). There is so many beautiful cars in one place.

  4. I bought the Cadillac LMP. I will be restoring the car and taking it to the track. For those who are interest I can you updated on the restoration process.

  5. Hey Nate, I really love cars! The Gumpert Apollo, the second car you have pictures there, really reminds me of a Daytona Prototype!

    I wish I had the money for any of those cars! That would be so awesome!

    Till then,


  6. Koenigsegg CCX seems sexy and fantastic i wish i have sufficient money to purchase dream car, you got awesome cars , hope we get soon and reach to our dream.

  7. Every time I see posts about those exotic cars I feel bad about myself. I realise that I’ll never ever own something like that and it makes me pretty sad.

  8. Hey Nate, just wanted to give you the heads up, but the video of the 1000HP Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is no longer available πŸ™

    Till then,


  9. They are flashy. They are fast. And they are very, very expensive. They are the exotic sports cars, the ultimate icons of speed, style and money. Exotic sports cars are built using cutting-edge technology and designed from a purely aesthetic point of view.

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