Define: Blog

Define: Blog

Eight months ago, if you had asked me to define what a blog was, I would have mumbled, “Some kind of online journal or diary.” The fact is, I had ZERO clue. No idea what it was, how to set one up, how to manage it and especially how to design it. I would not have believed you if you had told me about the benefits a blog could have on my life and businesses.

Not Just A Personal Journal

Obviously, if you asked me what a blog is today, I would have a completely different answer. To me, a blog is much more than just a “personal journal.” A blog is a powerful marketing and branding tool that has the power to attract new business and a like-minded group of individuals. This definition obviously has many more implications than just a personal journal.

Even though the number of blogs has risen over the past few years, the number of active blogs has stayed about the same because most people end up quitting their blogs in the first three months. Maybe they just didn’t know about the long term benefits of blogging. Maybe they thought there were no more benefits to a blog than a Myspace profile. Whatever their reason was, they gave up too early.

A Powerful Marketing and Branding Tool

It has become much more common this year to see business and company blogs. Clearly, businesses of all sizes are seeing that a blog truly is a powerful marketing tool. That being said, a blog is also a powerful marketing and branding tool for individuals.

I am sure more of us have learned about the benefits of branding in the blogosphere. John Chow is one example of a blogger who has branded himself very well. His “evil” blogger theme has given him a unique and highly recognizable persona. Being able to come off as familiar is a very powerful technique in the blogosphere. There are many ways to do that, including:

  • Write a compelling “About Me” page.
  • Add your photo to your blog.
  • Add a touch of humor or sarcasm to your blog.

What Are The Real Benefits To Blogging?

The fact is that a blog is really an opportunity to control how you are perceived by the online environment. If you want to be successful in the business world, as I do, a blog is your opportunity to attract like-minded people whom you could potentially do business with. This is networking in its purest form. Most people think that when good things happen, they are getting “lucky.” The fact is that a lot of luck is smart strategizing. By networking with like-minded people and communicating your passions and your dedication to be successful, you will be amazed at how “lucky” you get.

For example, through my blog, I have received dozens of new clients, and I am even getting involved in a new business venture. All have been as a result of people finding me through my blog. This is the reason I have made blogging such a serious and necessary part of my life.

Not only that, but my writing, research, and speaking skills have also improved greatly since I have been blogging. How have my speaking skills improved? I think by writing so much more, I am becoming better at coming up with answers and appropriate language on the spot.

What Do You Want In Life?

Regardless of what you want in life, I guarantee that by becoming a better communicator and networker, you will achieve your goals sooner. As every day passes, we have one less day to accomplish our goals. A blog facilitates your success in a remarkable way.


I think if more people knew the true potential of a blog, they wouldn’t give up their blogs so quickly. My life is 180 degrees different than it was six months ago; I thank my blog and its readers primarily for that. How has your blog changed your life? I would like to hear about your experience!

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  1. I’ve given up on blogging twice before and come back. Now I’m hoping the third time is the charm. It’s not easy, but it is worth it in the end.

  2. Since I started blogging, everyday has been a learning experience for me. Be it research or writing skills, social networking, graphic design, html coding, I learn a little bit of each every time I blog. It hasn’t been a life changing experience for me so far, especially not in the monetary department, but I’m determine to stick to it and make it a fun and meaningful online adventure!

  3. I use blog to replace my static web just for follow other, make new friends everyday, get community and spread info faster. More fun beside having static website and cryptic one 🙂

  4. I agree with you Nate, the biggest advantage of a blog is that it allows for personal branding. A couple of years ago, online publishers more often aspired to replicate the impersonal nature of older mediums like newspapers, but with the rise of in particular blogs, this focus has shifted. One of the traits of a blog is that, even if it’s an informative one with a particular topic, it’s okay to be personal. Thus you have the ability to let your personality shine through, and brand yourself!

  5. In many places across mainstream media you read articles that dismiss blogging as a hobby pursuit that is purely for the geeks and holds no real potential. It’s nice to hear the positive blog message.

    “This is networking in its purest form.” That statement is pure gold. It’s networking that can ultimately catapult someone to achieve their goals. What’s hard on your own is always easier with a group helping you to succeed.

  6. I’ve only been blogging for 6 weeks, but I really do feel life has changed! Some good and some bad. First for the bad. I set pretty lofty goals for posting. At least two a day and for the most part, I’ve achieved it. This has set a pretty big strain on my time and my sleep schedule. It’s ok though, I keep telling myself that I can sustain that and the long term benefits will be worth it.

    The good… better writing, definitely networking and meeting new people in my own personal niche and outside it. I think I’m hooked. This blogging business is like crack and I like the challenges of setting goals and tackling them one by one.

    I’m the king of the world!!!!!

  7. Back in 2000 I had a Diaryland “blog”, but I’m pretty sure that the word most used back then was still online journal or diary. I had fun with it for a long time, but it wasn’t widely appealing. I came back to online journals in 2002 when I was pregnant. That was more for my family and friends — a record of my progress.

    Things are so different now. I agree that Blogs are one of the most powerful marketing tool available to humankind right now. I knwo I am not using my blog to its full advantage. Right now I am enjoying the community aspect of it all and the tentative feelings of success.

  8. Blogging has the potential to make yourself a professional in a particular niche, and definitely grow personally and professionally. It’s also an outlet for my stress, or is it a creator of my stress?

    1. I like this comment. You can indeed make yourself a professional, without the help of a parent company or any other entity.

  9. I’m new to blogging and I agree with all the points that you make about the benefits of blogging. Although I’ve personally not seen any of these benefits myself, I do know they exist and with time, will come. Thanks for the good read!

  10. Blogging has zapped some life into our business. It keeps us active and keeps us from just doing the same old static web stuff.

  11. I heard my daughter telling her friend the other day that a blog was like an online newspaper. Which, considering that the only blog either of them were interested in is mine, I vastly prefer to the diary or journal description.

  12. This is a great point of reference.

    I will certainly point people here to help explain the concept of a blog above and beyond the common answers.

  13. Great Points Nate . . i especially like the point about networking . . . . it makes being “in the industry” a little bit easier when you have good blog friends to help you on your way!

  14. Hello, Nate,
    How exactly is your life different since you started blogging? (Other than having a small time sink, that is.) I infer that you are making more money or otherwise more successful, but how has the blog done that? How has it served as a marketing or branding tool? Has it attracted more business to you? What business has it affected?
    –Mike Banks (off to explore more posts in search of an answer.)

  15. My husband is starting a new business and blogging to get contacts and/or information out in his industry (financial analyst) seems a perfect way to get his name out and get with others that have the same mindset about the market right now. It’s tough as you get older and the institutions change or don’t change to reflect the marketplace now. You can’t just index corporation funds, you manage them..and don’t loose client money by taking the safe route. We’ll be looking into this. Thanks for the insight.

  16. Blogging has made a major difference to my life as well. I went from being a novice to almost professional in about a year and am really happy about this opportunity that came my way.

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