Developers, Developers, Developers!

That is Steve Ballmer’s famous quote from a Microsoft Developer Expo. Anyway, I have had many roles at our business, infinFX, over the past year, but my main one has always been web development.

Just recently, we started a JV with another local firm developing International domain names for China. We are now planning and working toward developing hundreds of unique web sites over the next few years in both English and Chinese. I am also in the process of organizing another venture aimed at producing a dozen or so custom blog designs per week.

I Need Developers

Obviously, I have a lot of work in front of me and many business models to work with. The point of this story is that I am on a massive developer hunt now.

I am looking for freelance individuals with any, but preferably all of the following skills and experience in:

  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Photoshop Web Design

I have a lot of exciting work ahead of me and it would be awesome to work with some of my readers on some great new projects.

Contact Me

Please use my blog Contact Form to contact me. Further, feel free to forward me your resumes and portfolios. I would also like to chat with people on any instant messenger client too, so if you have my IM names, feel free to contact me.

I have been extremely busy lately with projects, but Josh and I are planning on recording our first podcast here this week. We would like to include in our podcasts any questions any of you may have. If you have any questions about business, blog, or web development, please free feel to message either of us. We will try to answer everyone’s questions in our podcasts.

11 thoughts on “Developers, Developers, Developers!”

  1. Hi Nate,

    I’ve left a message in your contact form, even though my specialities are logo and print design.

    You’ll probably find more suitable coders and programmers, but I’m proficient with Photoshop and clued in on theme customisation, so if there’s any way I can be of help just give me a shout.

    Good luck in your search.

  2. I love that clip of Steve Ballmer. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I just pull that up on YouTube and smile again. And think to myself, “At least I don’t work for a total nutjob like that guy.” šŸ˜‰

  3. I emailed you a list of my sites, then I realized that the blogs were probably not valid XHTML. That would be a good way for linkbacks. Take someone’s free WordPress blog, make it valid XHTML and CSS, and then give it back to the author and put your link at the bottom. Interesting …

    Also, if you are looking to hire someone full-time, let me know. I need to get out of Louisville, I can’t stand this city.

  4. Hey Nate! You can check out my templates page and if you like what you see, I would love to do some freelance work. I am proficient in WP theme customization, graphics, CSS, and XHTML.

  5. Hello, NatewhiteHill, Do you Still currently require developers?
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