Domain Investing In My Back Yard

It’s no secret — domain investing is bigger than its even been. Everyone seems to be rushing to scoop up the latest trend’s domain names. I have certainly been on the lookout lately for what is up and coming and then proceeding to grab the best .com’s available. There are even entire companies now who do nothing, but specialize in domain investing.

One domain investing company in particular, DotVentures, is located a few miles down the road from me in Phoenix, Arizona. Their web site,, is a great supreme domain name in-of-itself and sums up what they do to a tee. Given that they are so close physically and so closely related to my new venture, Dot Com Moguls, we thought it would be fitting to try to arrange an interview with the Director.

From their web site:

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. DotVentures facilitates successful investments in Internet domain names utilizing a proprietary process involving selection, monetization & support paired with a patent pending technology.

My business partner, Josh, is currently in the process of completing a research project for school on, you guessed it, domain investing. Josh hopes to set-up a sit down interview with DotVentures in the near future to get more information about their company and what they envision for the future of domain investing.

In the meantime, check out their web site, and let us know if there are any particular questions you would like us to ask them. We will certainly take your questions into consideration when and if Josh gets to sit down and interview them.

So…what questions would YOU ask a professional domain investing firm?

5 thoughts on “Domain Investing In My Back Yard”

  1. My first of many questions (the defacto question of any great interview) would have to be about their background, when they started, how they started and why they started. Id also have to question and investigate what the founders are truly passionate about and their company’s vision….(other than the obvious: money and success). These first important questions help set the tone for the rest of the interview and would definitely help me gage the founders future abilities to capitalize on the booming ‘domain investing real estate market’.

  2. Well only minutes after visiting, and filling out some contact info, I received a phone call from one of their sales reps. They told me that the company has been around for 14 years and have a portfolio worth $50 million that they plan on growing to $1 billion over the next couple years. They have a rather interesting business model which closely resembles a stock market investment; where they are the stock broker, and domain names are the stocks you can invest in. After a quick 13 minute sales call from one of their salesmen (Joel) who explained how they could potentially help achieve more hits via MICRO SITE enabled marketing layer for all sections of a website, I am more than intrigued to learn more. Today I plan on researching this new term “Micro Sites & Marketing Layers” to better grasp its entire scope. I plan on reporting my finding in a quick post here before the end of the day.

    (Its -30 with the wind chill in Toronto right now… brrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

    1. That’s pretty cool they called you back so quickly. Thanks for that interesting bit of news. This is definitely going to be exciting if we get the chance to sit down and interview them.

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