Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs Team Up!

Partnerships can be an incredibly powerful leverage in business. I have never turned down what are clearly mutually beneficial business relationships. Quite recently, I came across a product and service which I feel would fit in perfectly to our goal of helping bloggers be more successful.

This new product and service is called Entrecard. Many of you may have recently heard about this new Internet advertising exchange service!

What is Entrecard? Entrecard is your 125×125 Internet business card. It is also an ad network for you to get free traffic. You can network with other bloggers when you leave them your card, and you use credits that you earn networking to advertise your card, for free, on any blog in the network (including this one). All over the internet people are saying great things about Entrecard, the traffic it is bringing, and the blogs they are discovering through it.


Entrecard is the brainchild of Million Dollar Wiki mastermind, Graham Langdon. I recently met Graham at the Blog World Expo where he was exhibiting Entrecard. Like me, Graham is a young and dedicated Internet entrepreneur.

Here is a video of Graham explaining to Entrecard to Shoemoney…

Many well known bloggers, such as Shoemoney, have already jumped on the Entrecard bandwagon!

Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs Team Up!

Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs

After chatting with Graham for a while, we both realized the great potential of teaming up. What does this mean? Unique Blog Designs will become the official Internet business card and blog designer of Entrecard.

Given that proper advertising is just as important as a unique blog design, we will be recommending to our clients that they use the Entrecard service to increase their traffic to their blogs.

What does this mean for you? If you are a member of Entrecard, Unique Blog Designs will give you a free Entrecard design with your purchase of a Unique Blog Design! We are also offering premium Entrecard designs for sale to you.

How do you take advantage of this offer?

  1. Sign up for Entrecard.
  2. Email entrecard@uniqueblogdesigns.com and we can get started designing your 125×125 Internet business card!

By the way, make sure you drop off your Entrecard on my blog – over on the top of the right sidebar!

13 thoughts on “Entrecard and Unique Blog Designs Team Up!”

  1. Congratulations on the partnership with Entrecard. I have been using the Widget on my blog since it started and it has definitely brought some traffic my way. I have also been able to meet other bloggers/site owners through the use of Entrecard. It’s been all thumbs up so far.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. yeah, I’ve been using Entrecard for about a week now too… I even snatched up an ad here on natewhitehill.com and its going to run tomorrow!

    So far, I’ve gotten over 200 visitors to my blog from Entrecard… this one definitely works. I’d recommend it to everyone. I’d also like to recommend my blog, heavilytrafficked.com

  3. Yeah, he’s giving it a break for a bit. He was being very selective as to what ads he approved, and when he rejected ads, he was getting barraged with emails of people wanting to know why and that wasn’t cool.

    But the widget goes live on problogger.net dec. 1st, so look for it there!

    Neil, how have you done with Entrecard so far?

  4. Not bad, I have only had the idget running for few hours and I am surprised by the number of cards dropped and the visits … I think for now it is not much of a targeted traffic for me, but I believe that will get better once more of the other than “make money” and “blogs about blogging” blogs joing up

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