Final Day at Apple + eBay Pulled My Listing Again

Today was my final day as a Mac Specialist at the Apple Store. That job was a great introductory to sales and being Mac computers, I had all the knowledge I would ever need, even before I started working there. I can’t say that I will miss the repetitiveness of the job. Selling iPods and Macs to all day does get boring. I much rather have a limited selection of clientele, instead of working with the general public. Nonetheless, the job provided for some great discounts and the Mac-centric community was definitely interesting.

On another note, eBay has, for the fourth time, pulled my domain listing, This time my listing was pulled for “keyword spamming,” which supposedly is when you have unrelated words in the listing title. They did not like that I used the word “iPhone” in my listing title, even though the domain I am selling has the word “iPhone” in it.

Ever since the PS3 and Wii scams on eBay, they have been notorious for pulling auctions that draw any attention to a hot product, even if the item has relation to the product. According to eBay, the only way I can use the word “iPhone” in my domain is if I am selling an actual iPhone. That is complete B.S., if you ask me, especially since there are tons of iPhone email addresses and other domains being sold on eBay. If a consumer is confused about my auction listing, once they notice the $5,000 price tag, they should be convinced I am not actually selling an iPhone.

4 thoughts on “Final Day at Apple + eBay Pulled My Listing Again”

  1. What? eBay sucks? Are you kidding me? There are thousands of people who have become millionaires using eBay alone. I plan on being one of them and I hope you still do too! Anyway, I like the site and there is an incredible amount of useful information on it. I hope you’re fan base continues to grow!

    remember pain BEFORE pleasure…

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