Free MyBlogLog Badge For My Readers!

So, I was thinking…MyBlogLog has not provided us with any cool looking “Join My Community” badges. Being a problem solver, not to mention a graphic designer, I decided to whip a few up myself. So, here they are:

size: 165×100

    size: 150×50

    Feel free to use either badges I created on your blog, under two conditions:

    1. Join my MyBlogLog commuity.
    2. Make a short mention of it on your blog and provide a link back to this post.

    If you need custom-sizing, please contact me and I might be able to work something out with you.

    Hope you all enjoy it!

    42 thoughts on “Free MyBlogLog Badge For My Readers!”

    1. I don’t use mybloglog enough, and those don’t really fit with my template, but I have to hand it to you that those look pretty sharp.

    2. Excellent icons – I use a tiny row of mbl avatars with no styling for two reasons – the terrible design of the standard graphics, and the slightly adult nature of a lot of the avatars (which is minimised when at the smallest size).
      mybloglog should get you to rework their widgets immediately.

    3. That’s pretty nice if ‘MyBlogLog’ is coming and checking out their users. I always like to see a company get out and about amongst the general population to see how their product is being implemented.

      1. I think the coolest part is you can get a blog avatar. I don’t really see the value in the individual communities. Also, the concepts of the directory and hot communities allow people to discover your blog through similar networks. Really, I think it is overhyped and I hope Yahoo does something cool with it.

      1. Hey Ilker! How are you? Great blog you have, by the way. Thanks for the comment. I thought the more shiny the better when it comes to Web 2.0? šŸ˜‰ Haha it is pretty shiny though.

    4. This is really cool badge. I have downloaded both of this for my blog. Let's check which will fit in my sidebar best. Thanks for this. Your blog provides some of the best info I am looking for.

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