Free WordPress Themes + Video Podcasting

It’s been a few days since my last update, but I have a few pieces of news for you guys…

Free WordPress Themes by infinFX

First of all, my web design company has created a few downloadable free WordPress themes. Please feel free to use for any personal or commercial purpose. We will be releasing several more in the coming weeks.

Video Podcasting

Several years ago, blogging revolutionized the traditional ways of online marketing. Now, video blogging, or “vlogging,” or “video podcasting” is quickly becoming the next big thing. Unfortunately, there are still very few written blogs relative to blogs with video content. A decent video podcast can compliment a written blog very nicely.

That being said, my business partner, Josh, and I have been working on a video podcast that we will be debuting either today or tomorrow.

I had been interested in audio podcasting for a while, but I never seriously considered video podcasting until I saw Mark’s (from recent video podcast. Mark had some interesting things to say about guest blogging and I think this is a great opportunity to debut my video-self to the world and address some of the issues he talked about. Not to mention, but actually doing video podcasting takes some guts and I applaud Mark for being a “purple cow” by adding video podcasts to his blog.

Check back here later today to see a video podcast featuring Josh Mullineaux and myself talking about some of the points Mark covered including:

  • Taking Risks
  • The Point of Guest Blogging
  • “Trying To Be Official” vs. “2 Minute Blogging”

Start Video Podcasting Today!

With how easy it is to record a video and put it on YouTube, I would like to see more bloggers from around the community start to use video as another means of marketing themselves and their blogs. Yes, it definitely takes some initial guts to put yourself in front of a camera (especially with hundreds or thousands of viewers). However, taking these kinds of risks are always worth it because it is another way to stand out from the crowd. As Josh and I found out, we had to practice quite a few times before actually producing a relatively smooth 3.5 minutes of video footage. Anyway, more on that later.

11 thoughts on “Free WordPress Themes + Video Podcasting”

  1. I did do a video blog once, as it was necessary to convey what I had to say, didn’t stop it from being painful, and I got the mickey taken out of me by a number of my mates.

    My New Webcam

    I’m sure vlogging (vblogging?) will take off when people realise they can monetize the ruddy thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Very cool themes. I may have to switch over to those themes on both of my sites.

    If you would like some help converting them to XHTML strict, let me know. It is one of my many talents. Maybe I could get a link at the bottom of the theme in return. For Euro City, you just need to take out align in 2 places, and add alt to two images.

    1. Sorry to be “That Guy”, but I found a few bugs too. I have two categories on links, and it did not like that (Euro City). I really like the design, so I will try and work on it tonight.

  3. Ok, I got Euro City brown working on my site, with valid XHTML and CSS.

    If you want to check it out –

    Nate, if you want me to send you the files, let me know.

    Thanks for the theme, I think it looks awesome.

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