Funniest Moment of 2009 NBA All Star Game

At the last minute on Sunday, my Dad (who is visiting from Seattle) and I scored tickets to the 2009 NBA All Star Game, which amazingly took place in my current residence of Phoenix, Arizona.

I have been to several professional basketball games in the past, including three separate Michael Jordan games (another story for another time), but no games since the late 90’s, and nothing as star-studded as an All Star Game. w00t!

The NBA has changed a tremendous amount in the past 15 years with the dominant players being Lebron, Kobe, and still Shaq, who is now on Twitter. Anyone who follows Shaq knows how much of a goofy, fun guy he is. During his intro, Shaq put on one of the funniest dances I have ever seen.

I won’t even try to describe it. Just watch…

You can see the TwitPics I took from the game: NBA All Star 2009 Twitpics

I also took a bunch of video with my Flip Mino HD which I will be posting shortly. What an incredibly fun experience!

UPDATE: Video I took with my Flip Mino HD of awesome SHAQ DUNK!!!!!

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  1. Now, this is a great post – Original,live and entertaining. Obviously, you did have a swell time. Put up more similar videos. I’m tired of reading over 100’s of post daily. Thx

  2. I have been to football (soccer) matches before but never basketball. I wounder what the acoustics are like in the indoor arena. I just love the sound of crowds.

  3. i really want to watch any game in NBA but i see that you spend a good time there . but first video not work ” the video been removed due to terms of use violation ” 🙁

  4. That stinks that they removed the shaq video from youtube! Personally I think it is silly for the companies to remove it, afterall it is free publicity, and free advertising for the NBA! For the NBA to showcase their stuff! 🙂

    Till then,


  5. Interested in hearing your Michael Jordon stories. I have seen him play many times including some of the play off games in ‘nosebleed standing room’. We were so high that we got nose bleeds, but it was still great.

    Gotta love Shaq and his love of the game.

  6. Visited ur blog for the first time and loved it…. Really nice game,, I wish I was there because it sounds it was really nice and exciting..:)

  7. The AllStar game must’ve been a blast. The NBA has really stepped up and turned the sport into great entertainment. Other leagues like the NHL are taking notes and trying to catch up. I think Shaq is getting a little carried away with his dancing though. Did you see how he started doing the bowling choreography with his teammates before games? With the way he was making his teammates purposely fall to the ground, it’s surprising that none of them got injured. I’m sure the coach would’ve been pissed if that happened.

  8. Haha, I’d forgotten about Shaq w. the Jabawokeez…that was classic. Great video — he is one funny dude. Did you see his Twitter to Kobe after the Finals? Hilarious! 🙂

  9. Shaq is a huge star, but his comments about Stan Van Gundy (Magic coach) were petty, out of line, and pretty cruel. I have no idea why Shaq felt the need to say what he did, but it only made himself look bad.

  10. i have seen few more videos of Shaq on youtube. he is a top 3 and the greatest center to ever play the game in his prime. Shaq and kobe are the best

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