Google: Behind the Screen

I just came across an interesting documentary on YouTube. It is 47 minutes long and is a behind the scenes look into Google. I haven’t watched it yet, but being the Google-lover I am, I am very excited to watch it. If you have the time, give it a look and tell me what you think.

Update – just finished watching the video. It contained a lot of stuff I already knew, but it was still an interesting look into the world of Google. Definitely worth the watch, especially for those who are curious about the mystique of Google.

14 thoughts on “Google: Behind the Screen”

  1. I’ve seen this before. It’s pretty interesting, but the inner workings of Google have been covered so much over the last year that there isn’t much new information to get from it.

  2. I thought this quite an interesting documentary, obviously I’ve read and heard some of it before, but none-the-less, well worth viewing in my opinion – re-iterates the privacy concerns by putting all your info into Google’s hands, although that’s not something I’m that worried about personally at this stage.

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