I Am Such a Geek ;-)

My good buddy, Mitch at HarpzOn.com, nominated my blog for “Best Geek Blog” at the first annual Blogger’s Choice Awards. Quite an honor, I must say, as I am a true geek at heart and I trust many of my readers are geeks, as well.

If you think Nate Whitehill dot Com is the Best Geek Blog or even a decent geek blog, then please head on over to the Blogger’s Choice Awards and vote for me for Best Geek Blog.

Best Geek Blog

9 thoughts on “I Am Such a Geek ;-)”

  1. Haha Nate. I think it’s fun being a geek sometimes… In fact the occassional be-a-geek-behaviour is good for your heart (or something, I dunno)… 🙂

  2. VOTED!

    Love your site, and the content you cover. You save me lots of time and answer many questions on a weekly basis without me even asking you. Keep up the awesome work Nate!

  3. You got my vote. Keep up the reporting on the Great Entrepreneurial Journey, and of course, all the blog tech knowledge stuff.


  4. Does a true geek tell others of his geekiness? I believe not *wink. Although doing that would be very geeky, hence by breaking the geekiness rule you are in fact a geek. I totally lost my self here Nate, haha.

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