If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs

If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs

I was tagged a while back by The Paper Bull in a meme entitled “If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs.”

I like the concept of this meme because it assumes I would need to focus my energies of acquiring knowledge through a very select number of sources. So, in a way, these five blogs are the ones I believe provide me with the most useful knowledge in my quest towards success as an entrepreneur.

SEOBookSEOBook – Aaron Wall never fails to disappoint. He is pretty much known as the Michael Jordan of SEO and he always has great insights into the world of online business and of course, search engine optimization.

If you have not read his incredibly popular SEO Book, then you are missing out. The SEO Book is the definitive guide to search engine optimization and a must read for ANYONE who has a blog or is looking to establish an online presence.

ProBloggerProBlogger – Certainly a pioneer in the blogosphere, Darren Rowse has proven that blogging can be a very profitable career of choice. His insights into the blogosphere are invaluable because he has been there, done that in the world of blogging. I only wish that he would commit to speaking at the Elite Retreat this September in Phoenix because I plan on attending.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Darren is that he has maintained such a down-to-earth, open and friendly approach despite his incredible success – I’ve chatted with him several times and he could not be more helpful and friendly.

Pronet AdvertisingPronet Advertising – Neil Patel is a master guru when it comes to his knowledge of social media and search engine optimization. Pronet is a great source for industry news and Neil and his writers’ perspective on all things net-related has become highly trusted over the past few years.

Freelance SwitchFreelance Switch – Being an on-and-off freelancer for the past few years, Freelance Switch has quickly filled a major void in the blogosphere – an excellently written source for all things freelance-related. Freelance Switch is still very much a baby in the blogospere, however, they are quickly proving they are on their way to becoming a superblog.

ZoomstartZoomstart – If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Shane Navratil writes pure gold. He has established himself as a successful entrepeneur and he consistently writes highly applicable articles on all aspects of business – from sales and marketing to leadership and innovation. I expect his blog to become extremely popular over the next few months.

Well, those are the 5 blogs that I could not live without. In this age of information overload, I think that we need to be especially selective of the information we take in and if it has a purpose in our lives. I know all of these blogs have provided me with invaluable insights into the world of online business and entrepreneurialism.

I’m tagging: Gary Lee, Jane May, Scot, Shane and Josh.

15 thoughts on “If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs”

  1. Hey Nate…great list…i already had 3 of those blogs in my favorites…but thanks for introducing me to zoomstart and freelance switch !!

  2. Cool list.
    I was wondering when you were going to respond to my tag 😉
    Although it looks like you forgot to include one of the viral aspects of this meme… 😉

    I totally forgot about SEObook when writing my Top 5 list – he’s definitely one of the must-read blogs… ZoomStart was the only one I hadn’t heard about before – I’ll check it out.

  3. “Aaron Wall never fails to disappoint.” A slip of the digital pen I think. The only problem with these lists is that my list of rss feeds keeps growing 😉

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