Increase Backlinks With Blog Comments and Wikipedia

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Lets get some backlinks for your site so you can start ranking for that term you always wanted and make some cash money.

In this blog post, we will be going over a two different ways to gain backlinks such as blog comments and Wikipedia links. These two methods work the best for sites with less competitive keywords in Google, the reason is because it takes some work to get these links.

Before I begin, I want to remind you yet again that you should focus on having your website content building the natural backlinks more so than working on building backlinks to an average website. When making a website, you should focus on content and then once you get great content you should start working on your link building campaign. Let us take a look at this image I made:

The chart reflects the traffic you will be building. As you can see, you wont be building much traffic at all at first, you would be focusing on the quality of the content and making your website better than the competition. Once you done with the content you will focus on building links. Since your links will be sending you a little bit of traffic your traffic will obviously will go up. Then once you get the necessary backlinks to your website you will start ranking for the search terms you are trying to rank for, and that is when your traffic will start taking off.

Once you website does start ranking for the search term, more and more people will find your website and see how great the quality of it is, and then they will build the links for you, and those are called natural backlinks. Sadly, you get the most natural backlinks once your site ranks for the keywords your after. Because people will search for the keyword, see your site, and then blog about your website or something along those lines. But, you will also be building natural backlinks from people stumbling onto your website the whole time.

I tell everyone this, focus on the quality of the content… then work on building backlinks. With that said lets get started.

Blog Comments
Blog comments are a great way to get backlinks to your website, heck I even sell them. But, they aren’t too powerful and you need a lot of them to make much of a difference. But if you just need like 200 backlinks to rank for a keyword than they are great way to get there. You should never rely completely on blog comments to help build backlinks, they tend to get less powerful over time.

A few things about blog comments:

  • You need a lot to make a difference.
  • Great for ranking for smaller terms.
  • Sends less weight over time.

I personally use blog comments a lot, but only when my website is brand new. If you have a small term that you want to rank for that only needs a few hundred backlinks for your site, then Blog Comments are the way to go!

It’s pretty easy to get the blog comments, and I will be telling you the exact same way my comment writers use for my company. With blog comments you need to make sure that your website is very very related to the website you are commenting on. To find thousands of blogs to post relevant comments on, we use Technorati. To find a list of blogs about your niche, all you have to do is a search on Technorati. So, say you need comments about “apartments”, simply enter “apartments” into the search text box.

You will then see pages and pages of blogs talking about apartments (or whatever your blog is about). You then have to find blog posts that are related to your niche, that’s pretty easy, all you have to do is read the description about the blog post.

Once you find the blog post you want to comment about, simply go to the blog post, then read the blog post, and then make a decent comment about the blog post. Don’t make it too spammy looking so the blog admin wont delete your comment. A little trick I like to use so the admin won’t delete my comments is I make two or three blog comments per blog on different blog posts to make it look like I read over a his or her blog a little. On my own blog, I generally never delete comments from people that make a few at a time, they always seem to be readers of mine. I find that to work in a lot of cases. You should also use a web proxy when writing comments. I have gotten my own IP banned from WordPress, and so have many other SEO experts I know. The best way is to buy your own cheap VPS and get like 29 IP’s and then put 3proxy on it. That’s the least stressful way to get proxies.

When you write your comments, make sure to save the blog post where you write the comments in a text file or something for later use, you may want to comment that blog post later to help boost your ranking a little.

Good ol’ Wikipedia! These links help SO much! The links are nofollow, but I feel like Google gives special attention to outbound links on Wikipedia. When you get some Wiki links, you will be feeling the Wiki love.

But how do we get the Wiki links? It’s total pain! And to be honest, I fully haven’t mastered this yet. I don’t think I ever will. I only get Wiki links for my bigger sites that make me money. I don’t work on building Wiki links for websites I don’t really care to much about. It’s a lot of work, and most of the time your links will be taken off, so its a big pain.

The best way to get Wiki links is to put a lot of work into your Wiki account. Go over some topics you know and edit them a little bit. What you want to do is get some history behind you, get some trust behind you. When you first get your Wiki account, don’t just dive head into spamming wikipedia and hoping the mods won’t delete all your links – because they will.

When you first get your account, find some topics you know about and edit them. The amount of articles you edit is up to you, I think I have done only 20 articles in about 2 years time. So not much at all, but enough to get enough history behind me as I have about 8 Wiki links on that account.

Okay, after you edit some articles, you want to first find rare articles with a high page rank that don’t get edited to much at all. They take some time to find, but there out there. One way I find the rare article is I do a Google search on my niche, and then start at around page 5. I then look at the history and see when the article was last edited on, I try to find articles that where last edited around 2006 or before that.

Here is a Google search for the niche “apartments”.

Once you find your rare article, edit the content and then add your link somewhere on the page. I usually add mine to references. I also link to a subpage of mine, I think that linking to just the looks too spamy for wikipedia.

After you add your link its just a game of luck. Hopefully, the mods wont see your link and take it off. But, like I said before, Wiki links are a pain. However, once you get some they are worth it! Trust me.

Wiki link process review:

  1. Edit topics you know.
  2. Build your history.
  3. Find rare article on your niche.
  4. Edit the content and add your link in the references.
  5. Pray the mods don’t take your link off.
  6. Repeat.

Alright, I hoped you enjoyed this guest blog post. Now get to work building those backlinks.

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