Is Your Name a Domain?

Is Your Name a Domain?

There is a great blog-tagging game going around right now. This comes from Gary Lee. Gary came up with the idea for a “My Name is a Domain Name” list.

If your name is a domain name (i.e.,, copy the list below, add it to your blog, and then add 3 other bloggers you know (with their name as the domain) to the list. I added 4, but I am sure Gary won’t mind! Make sure when you copy and paste the list, you copy the source code so you can give all the bloggers their credited links!

***Start Copying Here***

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the ENTIRE List below and add it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the titles of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3) Take “My Adds” and move them into the “My Originals” list.

4) Add 3 Brand New Narcissistic Bloggers that you know of

My Adds:
Matt Blancarte
Ryan Parker
Josh Buckley
Matt Coddington

The Originals:

Gary Lee
Ed Lau
John Chow dot Com
Nate Whitehill
Stephen Fung
Michael Kwan
Jeff Kee
Stuart Hannig
Hannes Johnson
Nathan Drach
Saman Sadeghi
Calvin Harvey

***Stop Copying Here***

9 thoughts on “Is Your Name a Domain?”

  1. Hi Nate . . . thanks for participating in the List. I really can’t wait to see how the list grows and how many narcissistic people there are out there in the world! hahaha . . . hope everything is well!

  2. Y’know I was always going to register my name as a domain but I never did. But after reading this post I finally got my act together and have grabbed it. Thanks for the nudge. At least I know it’s safe now.

    1. Don’t forget to pickup the .net and .org variations of your name as well. I have done plenty of searches and have not come across any other Nate Whitehill’s, but just to be safe, I scooped them up!

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