IZEA Fest!

IZEA Fest has been off to an incredible start. It has been great to meet and catch up with many of our past clients including John Chow, Shoemoney, Neil Patel, Israel Lagares, Michael Brito, Zac Johnson and Andrew Bennett.

It has also been great to meet some familiar faces such as IZEA CEO Ted Murphy, Tamar Weinberg, Ian Fernando, Brian Clark, and John Reese.

So far, Matt, Josh and I have been kicking it in the “La Playa Lounge” where we have a table and booth setup.

Here are some pics:

34 thoughts on “IZEA Fest!”

  1. It kills me that I’m mentioned with that group of people. Thanks so much Nate. You guys did a fantastic job on Read To Me, Dad and I’m just so impressed with everything you have done in just one year. Looking forward to hanging with you guys in Vegas too.

  2. That is Dina from Market Leverage. She got hit first by the shaving cream, then the cake. I can’t remember the last time I got into a cake/shaving cream fight with a bunch of bloggers and affiliate marketers.

  3. Cake fight!!!! Damn, I can’t remember when was the the last time I had one of those, heck I can’t even remeber the last tiem I had a simple pillow fight. Damn it!

  4. These pictures are awesome! Looks like a great event. I like how as the photos progress you all appear more and more immature 😛

    Was that shaving foam or whipped cream though? Whatever it is, it looks like you’re all thoroughly enjoying yourselves.


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