Jim Turner Interviews My Biz Partner, Josh, About Blog Design

Recently my good friend and CFO of UBD, Josh Mullineaux, was interviewed by Jim Turner on the BlogTalkRadio Show. Jim and Josh talked on the topics of blog design and the benefits of moving bloggers from Blogger to WordPress.

We were fortunate to meet Jim at the Blog World Expo and he is a great guy. Here is the podcast…

Link To Radio Show.

7 thoughts on “Jim Turner Interviews My Biz Partner, Josh, About Blog Design”

  1. I learnt two things about you guys that Jim was able to get out of Josh. One about the templates that you keep circulating. This is a great idea and one that I intend to exploit sooner than later. Two, about bloggers migrating from free blogs to monetized ones and how you guys can help with WordPress. This too is something that I inted to exploit shortly.

    It was a great interview. Both Jim and Josh came across as knowledgeable and helpful

  2. Wow… You’ve inspired me. I’ve been on FB for a while now but haven’t really used it. This post is one of the most complete that I have found. thx.

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