Magazine Style WordPress Themes Are Here!

Magazine Style WordPress Themes Are Here!

Magazine-style WordPress themes have been all the rage lately. What is a magazine-style WordPress theme? Well, unlike a traditional 2 or 3 column WordPress theme, a magazine style theme attempts to resemble more of a web-based magazine, instead of a traditional blog layout. Superbloggers such as ProBlogger and Emoms have embraced the magazine style layout for the home pages of their blogs.

Magazine Style Themes From a WordPress Rockstar

Unique Blog Designs has been fortunate to be working with one very talented WordPress designer, Adriaan Pienaar of Adii is a self-proclaimed “WordPress rockstar” and it is clear why – his WordPress designs are some of the best on the Net! Adii has been working with us @ UBD to develop nearly all of our Exclusive Themes.

What are Exclusive Themes?

Well, unlike free themes, which are often used by hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers, Exclusive Themes are only distributed to a handful of people. When it comes to branding, an Exclusive Theme is the next best alternative to a completely unique design.

As I mentioned earlier, Adii has been working on some gorgeous magazine-style WordPress themes lately, including two new themes, Block Magazine and Your Revolution, both of which you can see below:


Easily Customize Your Exclusive Theme

One particular reason why Exclusive Themes have become increasingly popular is that they serve as a great starting point for bloggers who want to customize their blog on a budget. All of the Exclusive Themes currently being sold at UBD are easily configurable. For more information about these themes, check out Adii’s blog’s or visit the Unique Blog Designs Exclusive Theme Gallery.

For those of you who don’t know Adii, you should definitely check out his blog or subscribe to his feed. Over the past few months, Adii has become one of my better friends and I am sure that you will see more great designs from him in the future!

56 thoughts on “Magazine Style WordPress Themes Are Here!”

  1. Very well put together themes. Expecting some great things from your team!
    You can bet when I’m suggesting a blog to my clients that I’m knocking down your door. I know when I move mine to something new it will be hooked up with some Uniqueness.

  2. Just when I was liking my current WP theme! I must admit that the new mag styles are gui and tangy. I like them a lot, but will be a while before I change themes. Too much worrying about aethetics and then not enough time to write the content. Content is the cream… Vern

  3. Thanks for the mention Nate – I agree that those themes are beoooutiful! They are also a steal – I paid more than $500 for my current home page, and technically it wasn’t even custom.

  4. These are a hell of a lot more interesting then the themes that had only a few years ago. It’s amazing what they’re creating for the Word Press platform!

  5. Looking good Nate and I’m loving those low prices. Great job and Adii is an awesome designer. Hope your Unique Custom Design packages are selling well too!

  6. I found a fantastic magazine style theme for WordPress that really takes it to another level with custom imaging and things like that. It is called mimbo and can be found on Darren Hoyt’s blog. There is also a great accompanying article that really hacks deep into WordPress’ core. I am using it on my upcoming music blog.

  7. Getting the right theme is not an easy choice. I have noticed that as time goes on my needs for what my theme can do vary. It gets frustrating!

  8. I had problems with loading too … but I do think that alternative and more magazine-style themes are definitely too few and far between. I also suspect they may be a more common choice in the future.

  9. Very nice designs. I’ve been buying unique themes to offer to my membership at TBE for free and one of the most recent ones is a magazine style layout. Your themes are definitely ones I am keeping my eyes on.

  10. I am been using these designs since 5 years ago. But maybe that is because I know PHP and HTML and CSS. Good to see people are finally catching up.

  11. Nate,

    This is really good news. I like these magazine style themes because they immediately help brand a site and make it look more legitimate and less like a blog–not that blogs aren’t legit. I like your blog–it’s helpful, entertaining and well-written. I plan to come back here often.

  12. These wordpress themes lookin good good. Thank you for sharing these. I think that a lot of blogs would be more successful if they had beautiful professional designs like these πŸ™‚

  13. I agree magazine style templates for blogging look great and are the future of blogging templates, but they are hard to implement for the average blogger. It would be nice to have a video showing the exact implementation and set-up of these new magazine style themes. I also agree with you about Adii, his site is one of the best around for information about Word Press themes and how to set-up your Word Press blog.

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