Making Money From Credit Cards?

Making Money From Credit Cards?

The following is a paid review for This is my first paid review and I am not sure how many more I am going to be doing in the future. That said, this is more of an experiment than anything else.

Many people assume that becoming wealthy and taking out lines of credit are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I was also under the impression that credit cards were ultimately only harmful to one’s financial affairs. That being said, My Credit shows you how to use zero-interest credit cards to make a decent amount of extra income.

What is The Credit Strategy?

Here’s how it works: many banks offer zero-interest credit cards as an incentive for you to use their lines of credit. Because you do not have to pay interest on these cards for the first year, if you take out the full line of credit and invest it in a 5-6% checking or savings account, you can actually earn money on these cards. The site’s owner, Josh, shows you exactly how to do this including which cards to apply for and which banks to use.

There is even a method called App-O-Rama to apply for multiple cards at once from the same issuer and combine the lines of credit to make even more money. Some people have taken out well over $200,000 on zero-interest credit cards and are earning $40,000 or more a year

Be Careful With Credit

Most credit cards do have very strict stipulations as far as maintaining that zero-interest credit. Of course, you must make the minimum monthly payments on time and never go over the credit limit. Otherwise they will take away the zero-interest and jack up your rate to 15% or more.

The Web Site

Obviously, the site makes money by offering a large selection of affiliate offers for zero-interest credit cards. There is also a blog which contains some useful articles, including the breakdown of the illusive credit score formula and how to protect yourself from identity theft.

The site and blog look to be very new and would definitely benefit from more articles about personal finance. also just opened a forum called the Smart Money Discussion Board . Although the forum is virtually empty, if you are going to build an affiliate site, it is a good idea to add as much useful content as possible. A blog and forum are steps in the right direction if they can be updated enough.

Overall, is a nice looking site with some useful information and an interesting premise.

As I said, the only thing it is missing is more blog content and a busier forum, but for being a very new site, it looks like it is off to a great start.

6 thoughts on “Making Money From Credit Cards?”

  1. Credit cards, no matter how good you are with your finances, somehow always seem to end you up in trouble.

    I know from experience I’m living it right now.

  2. Credit cards are probably the easiest measurement of how good a person is with money.

    Either you’ve got them working for you or against you. Same goes with your overall finances.

  3. I completely agree with Shane here. If you are financially disciplined, credit cards offer a huge number of benefits. If you are undisciplined with money, they can be your hugest monthly expense.

    – Martin Reed

  4. Unfortunately, not many understand how they can benefit from 0-interest credit cards – use the card for purchases they do not really need and what’s more delay payments, accumulating debt. Of course, credit card becomes evil in this case. the most important thing to know for those who want to make money with such credit cards is that they shouldn’t be used foe purchases.The credit limit should be invested into an % account and bring you money.

  5. Thanks to the information provided, I would now be able to ascertain whether a particular credit would work well for me and I was able to gain more knowledge about credit cards.

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