Meet Stanley Bronstein – Mr. Achievement

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog, but a lot of that has to do with how extremely busy I and the rest of UBD have been over the past month.

I want you to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Stanley Bronstein.

Stanley is not just a successful attorney and CPA, but also a professional motivational speaker and published author. Widely known as “Mr. Achievement,” Stanley’s mission is helping people position themselves for success. He is about to release his third book on achieving success, “Achievement IQ: The Laws of Positioning.”

Stanley recently started his blog on personal development in the hopes of connecting with people online to help them achieve more success in their lives and careers.

Some of Stanley’s best posts so far have been:

For his new book, “Achievement IQ: The Laws of Positioning,” Stanley drove around the country to interview some very successful and remarkable people. He chronicled his journey through dozens of hours of audio and video, with much of the current material being available for free on his website.

What are the Laws of Positioning?

The premise behind the Laws of Positioning states that:

The most successful people and organizations tend to have four traits in common:

VISION – They recognize details and opportunities that most others do not see, thus putting themselves in a position of readiness;

ATTRACTION – They put themselves in a position to attract opportunities;

READINESS – They put themselves in a position to be ready to take advantage of those opportunities once they do come their way; and

ACTION – They take action upon those details and opportunities in a manner that most others would not, thus putting themselves in a position to be more successful than most.

Stanley has only been blogging since February, but he has already managed to crank out almost 60 posts. I highly recommend that you check out Stanley’s blog if you are interested in learning how to position yourself for success in both your personal and professional lives. Visit Stanley Bronstein here.

More posts coming soon…

17 thoughts on “Meet Stanley Bronstein – Mr. Achievement”

  1. Thanks Nate, Following this post I visited Stanley’s blog and subscribed to Newsletter as well as the RSS feed. I found the first book very good on inspiring and Wish I could get the other two too…

  2. I’ve gotta say, this guy goes a long way towards reducing my attorney prejudices. There’s a lot of solid information over there.

  3. Good article, I really like the 4 traits. Anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur must have or develop these traits and must execute them, especially “action”
    Thanks for the information, look forward to seeing what he says in the future.


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