50 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Member of Unique Blog Designs”

  1. OMGOSH, so adorable! 🙂 You’re going to have a tough time with your new member . My wife and I have a Mixed Terrier and wow…Terriers are a handful!


  2. I love Terriers (have a Jack Russell Terrier), and they are small, full of life, and live longer than big dogs 🙂

  3. What an adorable creature. i remember my (late) boxer-alsatian cross as a baby and was really overwhelmed with memories and nostalgia. It is amazing how alike puppies and babies are 🙂

    1. His work mostly consists of frequent whimpering, regular naps, lots of playing, and a little SEO on the side. We are teaching him about conversion testing at the moment.

  4. hi Nate. Great job you did with your blog and unique blog designs 🙂 I came here from there. I just love the themes you create. Wanna see mine? I enjoy working with photoshop and started creating them. Awesome work, with everything. Wish I was so successful but I don’t care because I’m only 13 now 😛 Keep up designing 😉

  5. kidblogger – its great you are designing your own themes at 13. True you should be less bothered about making money and more bothered about studying right now.

    PS: Your site is down.

  6. Very cute dog. It would be cool to see video of your workspace. For some reason I like to see videos of small entrepreneur shops. It motivates me in my own pursuits. take it easy.

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