Mentions In The ‘Sphere

Mentions In The 'Sphere

This month has been, by far, the busiest month I have ever had for UBD and the rest of our activities. Clearly, I haven’t yet been able to devote time to my plan for a regular blogging schedule again. In the meantime, I want to give some shout-outs to some of my friends in the blogosphere who have had the time to craft effective ways to market their blogs, including everything from powerful posts to crazy contests to e-mazing ebooks!

Win $1000 From The Rating Blog
My top commentator, Alan Johnson, is currently giving away $1000 in a contest, with sponsors such as Bidvertiser, Copeac, and LunarPages. There are multiple ways to enter, including blogging about the contest and subscribing by email. Good luck with your contest, Alan, and thanks for consistently being a top commentator on my blog!

Win Pirates of the Burning Sea From Michael Kwan
My pubcon schwag contest winner, Michael Kwan, is holding a contest himself, giving away a free copy of Pirates of the Burning Sea, which is an online multiplayer role playing game for the PC. Just like Alan’s contest, to enter Michael’s, all you have to do is sign up for his RSS feed by email.

Trying to find the right niche? Ask yourself these questions!
Samuel from Wake Up Later helps us find the right niche by purposing six questions to ask yourself. Among the questions, “are you passionate about your idea,” is one that rings very true with me for being important to success in anything.

Are you a WordPress Dummy?
My WordPress Rockstar buddy, Adii, is giving away a free copy of “WordPress For Dummies.” How do you enter? Just give him feedback on his new design concepts for his wildly popular Premium News Theme. Adii is looking for your feedback to make his new Premium News Themes even better!

Don’t be an out-of-shape blogger! Stay fit with these workout techniques from the Fat Man, himself!
Fat Man Unleashed
releases his first mini ebook, “Blogger Proof Workout Mini Ebook, Volume 1.” In the book, Fat Man shows us how to keep fit with several of his tried and tested workouts. Getting to the gym more has been one of my resolutions this year, and something I plan to take very seriously.

Create a profitable freelance business for under $50!
My favorite Self Made Chick, Christine OKelly, has just released an ebook of her own called “How I Built A Profitable Freelance Business for Under $50 (And How You Can Too!)” I know from first hand experience that Christine’s advice should be taken very seriously – in the past few months she has grown her RSS subscriber count to over 1000. Not only that, but she has also built a very successful freelance copywriting business, as well. Congrats, Christine!

Win a $5,500 Colnago Road Bike!
Do you want to win a $5,500 road bike for only $100? Your odds to win are very good: 1 in 100! My buddy, Tyler Ford, is giving away a brand new Colnago Carbon Bike in a raffle on his blog.

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  1. Thanks for the great links Nate. I kinda noticed that all your posts were slowing down so I figured you’re busy. I haven’t even seen you online for a couple days!


  2. Very cool feature. Great that this service works on any site not just blogs. I will have to try it out on some pages on one of my nonblog sites.

  3. The article on finding a niche that you link to at wake up later was a good slap in the face for me. The problem I have found myself getting into is that I take on too many projects (blogs and marketing pursuits) at once and I end up spreading myself thin. I’ve dabbled in a bunch of different types of websites and one or two of them are profitable for me–but now I want to get one really good idea and put all my energy into that. Thanks.

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