My Favorite New Analytics Tool

heatsyncFor anyone who reads my blog, you know that it’s fairly rare that I promote products and services that aren’t my own. However, since I am fond of mentoring folks new to Internet Marketing and Blogging, I’m going to make an exception, because this is going to save folks tons of time!

Check it out now by clicking here.

I’ve been playing around with this new tool that’s going to revolutionize how we get our analytics for our websites. You ARE studying your sites’ analytics, right? Well, if you’ve ever thrown up your hands in frustration because you’re logged into 5 different sites, trying to pull metrics from each one, and then digging through all the data you got from them manually, I’ve found the solution to your problems!

HeatSync, is a powerful new web-based tool that aggregates data from all those sources (Alexa, SEOmoz, Compare, SimilarWeb, Klout, Twitter, and more) automatically, so you don’t have to. It’s an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and gives you deeper insights than if you relied upon one or two of the aforementioned sites to get your data from.


In the past, I’d spend far too much time monitoring my sites, checking their page ranks daily on Alexa, then going over to Compete to see a breakdown of Unique Visitors vs. Total. If they had Facebook pages or Twitters, I’d have to log into each of those to see if I’d gained new followers or likes. The time it took me could have been spent on far more productive endeavors, but the process is valuable.

Now with HeatSync, I log into one site. It’s like a personal assistant that lives on the internet and does all the legwork for you. I’ve got half a dozen sites of my own that I track, and because it’s so easy to use, I have the luxury of tracking other sites in my industry too, because it’s always important to keep informed about what the competition is doing. I can see any metric, for any site, and even graph a few of them together so I can compare.

The time I save gathering data means I have more to spend on interpreting it. I get deeper, more thorough insights, which allows me to better tailor my sites to what their visitors are looking for.

If this sounds like something that would save you time, you owe it to yourself to check out the free beta version at Let me know what you think!