My Obsessive Thoughts

My Obsessive Thoughts

Well, Mr. Gary Lee tagged me again. This time, the topic is: what are my top 5 obsessive thoughts, as of late?

1. Getting Healthy – over the past few weeks I have been on a surge of getting fit by running everyday, working out 6 days a week, and eating healthy. I am cutting fast food out of my diet and just sticking to healthy meals, mostly chicken and vegetables. My favorite meal as of late is the spicy chicken wrap and a water.

2. Fixing My Car – I am almost ready to start the rebuild process for my 3rd generation RX-7. I am building the motor to support 500whp, so this will be quite a treat to get my red baby on the road again. Unfortunately, with the hot Arizona summers and no A/C, I am not going to be able to fully enjoy my red beast until fall.

3. My Businesses – Over the past few week, my business has grown tremendously. I booked 3 new clients last week and have half a dozen or so referrals to follow up on. Our IT consulting business is growing well, too. It is just non stop action now and I have to say, I have been waiting for this for a long time!

4. Making Money – Obviously, with lots of business, comes more money. I digg the concept of being self-employed and financially comfortable, and my life is quickly becoming that. Additionally, my online earnings are up 500% this month, compared to last. That is becoming a nice thing to fall back on. It’s a great feeling waking up in the morning and seeing money earned in my sleep.

5. Blogging – I have had a surge of new readers and subscribers to my blog lately, and that is very motivating. By the way, welcome new readers! I have also had an influx of creativity as far as new topics to write about. Not to mention, the upcoming PageRank update looks very promising and should provide for a nice boost in search engine traffic and, of course, private advertising revenue.

Well, that’s whats on my mind lately. According to the meme, I’m suppose to tag 5 other people. I’m tagging: Josh Buckley, The Paper Bull, David Wilkinson, Matt Coddington, and Mitchell Harper. Tell me, guys, what are your obsessive thoughts?

6 thoughts on “My Obsessive Thoughts”

  1. Over the weekend I finally watched ‘Super Size Me’ from director Morgan Spurlock. And it really opened my eyes to the amount of fast food that I was consuming. I guess most of us are so time poor that it’s hard to make time for healthy food but it does really affect so much of how we feel.

    I applaud you on getting serious about health, I’m trying the same thing at the moment and have already found my energy levels are way up.

  2. Hey Nate! I just saw your post. I’ve been flat out for the last few days. My obsessive thoughts… hmmm.. good question. My obsessive thoughts at the moment would be:

    – Getting down from 12% to 9% body fat. Like you I train 6-7 days a week, so I guess that’s obsessed 😛

    – Making my blog kick ass. That’s an ongoing process that I’m fanatical about.

    – Overcoming the two fears I have left: flying and public speaking. Working on both of these over the coming weeks and months!

  3. I was just tagged by Jeff Kee yesterday…this reminds me of those chain letters I used to get on myspace to post a bulletin. I need to think about these 🙂

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