Net Business Blog – Making a Living Online

Net Business Blog - Making a Living Online

Most of you have probably checked out Matt Coddington’s Net Business Blog. However, if you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the better blogs about making a living online.

Net Business Blog covers are a variety of topics, from domaining, SEO and web development, to blogging, affiliate marketing and tips of copyrighting. Matt has a great writing style and his articles are always very indepth and well layed out. Despite it being only a month old, NBB has already become extremely popular and gotten on the front page of Digg almost once a week since its inception.

I am proud to announce that my web development company, infinFX, will begin hosting Net Business Blog on our dedicated Media Temple server. Our dedicated server supports a ton of network transfer (1 TB/month) and Matt’s blog will help us eat up a little more of the transfer we are not using.

Even though NBB gets dugg quite often, our server has been able to stand up quite well to Digg traffic. We also host Techzi, a popular tech-news blog written by 13 year-old David Wilkinson. A story David wrote for Darren Rowse got dugg to front page last week. Techzi got hit pretty hard by the Digg traffic, but not enough to slow our server down!

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  1. David, also keep in mind for every negative comment left on your last digg, there are 100 ppl that have nothing but positive things to say about you and your blog!! Keep up the great work dude!

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