New Poll & Resetting Top Commentators

It’s time for a new poll. The question:

I have covered a wide range of topics, from business and domain investing, to business and web development. What would you like to see more of on this blog?

Also, I am resetting my top commentators. Leave a few comments and you will get a yes-follow backlink from a blog with over 5,000 backlinks that is predicted for a PR 4-5 at the next update!

25 thoughts on “New Poll & Resetting Top Commentators”

  1. I personally like the current mix of things. I wouldn’t change anything. If anything, I would like to see less about domains.

  2. To be honest, I’m still trying to get a feel for your bog. I subscribe to your feed and keep up to date with most of your writing. I guess I’m looking for more marketing and web development ideas if you were to put a gun to my head!

  3. I like the mix overall. But I would agree with Josh, getting a better sense of who Nate Whitehill is in regards to his projects and different components you implement helping or not helping those projects. I think more people can relate and would use that info in their personal situations…just my 2 cents 🙂

  4. My favorite recent article was what you wrote about Matt Mullenweg. It was inspirational to those of us who also hope to change the landscape of the web. Your insights about what you have learned from others and from your own projects is my favorite.

    1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the comments. Yes, that was one of my most viewed articles. I really like to write about people who inspire me, so maybe I should have a weekly special about inspirational young entrepreneurs.

  5. I agree with Jane. Anecdotes and case studies from the frontline of your projects would be really helpful. I wouldn’t be looking for proprietary information or anything–just let Toto peel back the curtain so we can get a glimpse of how the wizard makes his magic.

    1. Hey Mark, that is really good advice. I really appreciate the thoughtful response. You are very right! I think what would be most interesting are case studies and journals of my progress as I work to take my businesses from startups to success. Thanks again for the great response.

  6. I agree with the above comments about a personal glimpse into your projects. People love to hear a good story. Some of the best blogs are like a journey that you’re taking with the author. And unlike the tone of a lot of SEO blogs, you don’t always have to give off the illusion of success. I always like reading in a blog about what didn’t work and how they dealt with that and how they are fixing the issue. Present the problem and then explain your potential solution. I think John Chow does this particularly well. He’s always explaining about what he’s trying to achieve and what cunning and evil plan he’s using to fulfill that objective.

    Keep up the good work, I’m sure your site will continue to flourish in the future.

    1. Hey Frank, thanks for the positive comments! You are exactly right – a glimpse into my personal projects is what is truly needed. I will be sharing the details of my first case study here soon and plan to keep everyone updated of my online and offline business development. Thanks for being a regular reader! 😀

  7. Nate – I’m all for individual web development case studies.

    BTW – your site does not view properly with the older MS Internet Explorer versions (6.0 for example). The sidebar is pushed to the bottom which means you need to play with the pixel widths of your main & sidebar sections to accomodate. I had the same issue with my site and was shocked to see that a full 20% of my readers were MSIE 6.0 and were (silently) having a tough time reading.

    See the following link for screen shots.

    Hope it helps.

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