New Web Site Launched – Clearburst Wireless

New Website Launched - Clearburst Wireless

The other day I finished a new web site project which I forgot to mention. This is a web site for a retail store in the Fiesta Mall located in Mesa, Arizona. The company is Clearburst Wireless and they specialize in wireless and cell phone accessories.

The store owner, Carl, recently purchased the retail operation and was looking to have a web site developed to link to their online affiliate store. Please note, I did not create their online store, only their company web site which links to the online store. Another goal for their web site was to bring in new local customers to the physical retail location.

This site only took me a few days to create, as it is a one-pager, but I have been working on optimizing the on-page content so that it will receive as much search engine traffic as possible. I also have been adding the site to targeted web directories to create more linkbacks.

Optimizing for Search Engines

When optimizing for search engines, the goal is to use the keywords in the RIGHT places within the source code. One way that I have done this is by copying the basic home page (which contains all the relevent keywords) and creating separate pages that contain a specific keywords in the URL address, keyword as the header tag, and keyword in the page title. These pages are not linked to the home page, but to the Site Map, so that Google knows to index those pages.

Implemented the Google Maps API

Another cool thing I did to this site was use the Google Maps API to create an onpage and fully navigable Google Map that people can get a better idea of the physical location of the store.

Why Do I Mention My Projects?

A few people have asked me why I mention all of my finished projects on my blog. There are a few reasons.

1. I like showing my community the work I have been doing.
2. It creates another linkback to the new site.
3. Google crawls my site almost everyday and new sites get indexed faster if they are linked to mine.
4. It provides a little bit of PR for the company.

If any of you need wireless accessories for your cell phones, you can shop online at their store. Tell them Nate sent you! Thanks to Carl Krawczyk for the opportunity to work on this project.

Visit the web site for Clearburst Wireless.

5 thoughts on “New Web Site Launched – Clearburst Wireless”

  1. Another advantage to describing your finished projects that you didn’t mention is that doing so helps me (at least) understand what a “web entrepreneur” actually means. Perhaps the definition is unique for each individual? It makes me curious about how others in your community are using the web and what their professional goals are.

  2. Nate, the site looks nice overall. I only have one suggestion:

    I don’t know anything about the Google Maps app, so I may just be blabbing here, but it would be wise to put a “pushpin” where the actual store is on the map if you can, to make it stand out.

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