Our Second Video Podcast

Our Second Video Podcast

My business partner, Josh Mullineaux and I recorded our second video blog on Sunday night. We learned a lot since our first attempt at video podcasting. We think this one is a big improvement over the first. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with feedback.

This week’s topics included:

  • What we learned from our last video podcast
  • Josh quitting his job at Chase and what advice he has for others who want to leave their day jobs
  • Our quest for feedback from bloggers about what they wish they knew when they started

As I mentioned, this is only our second video podcast. We would like to see more people adding video to their blogs. I think it adds to the familiarity of a blog and increases readership. My blog has received around 50 new RSS subscribers since our last video podcast. It really did generate quite a bit of extra traffic.

Perhaps the best thing about video blogging is that it is a great way to differentiate yourself from all of other blogs without video. Whatever you talk about, you are still putting yourself out there and encouraging others to do the same. That being said, if you make a short video podcast, send us the link and we will link to you!

Enjoy the video podcast and please let us know what you think. Thanks.

Links referenced in the video:

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18 thoughts on “Our Second Video Podcast”

  1. i commented on josh’s end thought i would drop, some info here too! great post and amazing stuff! loved the outro music, what did you guys use to edit the video!

  2. A great video and as Mahdi said, I’m loving how you edit it with the intro music and those black bars of information appearing at the bottom of the screen – makes it look professional but informal at the same time.

    Only one problem…you didn’t mention me at the end.

    Lol j/k

  3. As I said on Josh’s blog, i think it’s a great video podcast! A definite improvement on the last, which was great also. You guys are really brave to try this out.

  4. Two other comments I might add to the long list I made in the last post,
    i) Don’t be afraid to smile. I’m not saying you looked grumpy, just encouraging you to look like you’re enjoying it.
    ii) Shut the door behind you. I think I saw someone walk past 😉

    Anyway…this is great. What you’re doing takes a lot of training in order to do well, and I think you are picking up on it very quickly.

  5. Great Nate! Much better. Looks very professional with the added touch of music and the extra effects when showing names and websites at the bottom. Keep it up.

    BTW: Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters?

  6. Great podcast, and very responsible advice. Some folks are under the belief they should just walk off a job when they face an unmovable wall, it is very important that one calculates their monthly needed income and have a plan to replicate and replace it prior to leaving the current source.

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