PageRank Update Underway?

PageRank Update Underway?

Some of you may have remember that when I first started my blog back in January of 2007, I was awarded with a PR5 during my first PR update. Unfortunately, when the Google PageRank slap hit everyone six months ago, I was bumped back down to a PR4.

Today on I read on Courtney Tuttle’s blog (nice blog, Courtney 😉 that Google is undergoing its quarterly PageRank update. I decided to verify this for myself by checking a few blogs in my Google toolbar. I am happy to report that my blog jumped back up to a PR5. This is a another nice surprise from Google because less than two months ago, I was awarded with a Google authority listing for my name.

Every blogger can do things to increase the chances of them receiving a higher PageRank update. Almost a year ago, I wrote on article on how to prepare for a PageRank update.

How about you guys? Have you noticed a change in your PageRank? Usually, the update takes a few days to be accurate across all Google data centers.

For more information on this mysterious force of Google, check out this Wikipedia article on PageRank, which interestingly, outranks Google’s page about PageRank.

48 thoughts on “PageRank Update Underway?”

    1. Agree Mike …. i don’t understand the value of it. 99.9% of the people who use the internet know nothing about it and care nothing about it either.

  1. I have seen my blog achieve a pagerank of 1.

    I know that does not sound great, but i only bought the domain in mid February, so to get a PR1 in 2 month is not that bad.

  2. I’ve noticed the fluctuations for the past two days so I think it’s safe to say the numbers I’ve been fluctuating between will stick.

    My blog went from a PR2 to a PR4.

    And a forum I ran that dropped from PR4 to PR0 from running TLA code has jumped back up to a PR2. (Read more on my blog if you’re interested). Either way I think I’m done with TLA for good.

  3. Hi Nate,

    Good to hear from you again. This morning started off on the right foot, when my previously PR5 and PR0 blogs are now PR6 and PR5. 😉

    Nice. Good job on recovering your original slot.

  4. I congratulate you on your getting your ranking back. I too however wonder whether this is of any great use. A lot of your readers will come to you regardless of your ranking. Perhaps that should be good enough for your other purposes.

  5. Hey, it looks like Google likes your site. Wasn’t your home page PR 3 or 4 a couple days ago? Congratulations on surviving the dreaded Google PR update 😉

        1. there are no SEO secrets…. that i would share! Except try to realize that PR doesn’t matter that much. The trust rank is what you need to worry about but good luck cracking that egg. The key is to produce HIGH quality content and become an authority in your niche… or just spam like crazy for prescription drug terms!

  6. Still many of my clients websites done lot better in this update, goes 2 to 5 and 1 to 4, and many more got increased PR by 1.

  7. Thank you for reminding us what to do when the pagerank update is coming around… preparing for it can make it much more beneficial to you. A lot of people feel that PR isn’t important and SERPs are everything… but I think that it carries a lot of weight especially when monetizing your website with advertisements.

  8. I have checked some of my sites and find that there has been some movement but I am not particularly bothered as I am going more by traffic to generate interest.

  9. I’ve used TLA on a number of my own sites and I was never penalized for it. I’ve seen steady PR growth over all of my PR sites through the last couple updates. I feel bad for those who were penalized, though.

  10. This was a very strange update. My startups I worked on never went past PR3 even though they scoop up thousands of uniques in search engine traffic and all my junk sites jumped to PR5 :S

  11. I know PR does not mean a thing unless you are selling links, but I am so happy that I have got a PR of 2 on my blog. It just shows that the work I am doing is atually having some kind of effect.


  12. If I asked 99% of our clients what ‘pagerank’ is, I would receive a blank stare or a shrug of the shoulders in return. As mentioned before, it’s useful for selling advertising, but that is it. There are other functions that are just as effective for selling advertising, but also achieve other things as well.

    I couldn’t even tell you where my pageranks are. It could just be me though.

  13. Very weird. Normally, I’d see the same results for most of my sites. This time though, one site got “demoted”, while two others – NEWER ones, by the way – got higher rankings. Big G, what are you doing to us?!?

  14. Dammit – dropped from a 5 to a 4. Of course we know it’s all just for ego anyhow, but still… 😉

    Rankings have only INCREASED since the drop – further proof PageRank is pretty overhyped.

  15. We increased 1 to a PR5 but this has taken us 8 years. I am definitely going to read your post on preparing for the Page Rank update.

    Anyone know when the next one might be.

  16. Can anyone please tell me why PageRank doesn’t help rankings? Page rank is how many backlinks you have and SERPs are dependent on the number of backlinks so if two sites were exactly the same except one had a high page rank and one low, the high one must have more backlinks so will rank better? Or does it have to do with the type of backlink, eg. whether it’s related content and whatnot.


  17. thanks for all the info there Nate. We’re moving our site from a ‘generic website’ to a WP-based one and I’m really curious to see if there are any major advantages when it comes to natural SEO traffic and PR.

  18. PR update posts always generate the most comments. Even though you might not care about PR most people still can’t resist clicking and commenting.

  19. yeah, I agree watch gilmore girls but I think PR is a bit important because more high your PR, it will give more chance to make more $$$ online..

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