PageRank Update Officially Underway


According to a few people in-the-know, including Mr. Gary Lee and Maki from Dosh Dosh, Google is now in the process of updating their data centers to reflect the new PageRankings.

My first official PageRank is a PR5, which I am quite happy about.

The first Google data center that is reported to have updated is:

Here is a tool you can use to check your PR as Google updates all their datacenters: Google PageRank Check by Datacenter.

Note, the tool above is NOT a prediction tool – it is an accurate reflection of PageRank according to Google’s 72 data centers worldwide.

Other notable new PageRanks:

Career Ramblings – PR6

Net Business Blog – PR5

John Chow – PR6 (previously PR4)

The Thinking Blog – PR5

Learn more about the Google PageRank update.

Update – It is now understood that more than 1 data center has been updated and all of the Google data centers should reflect the new Page Rank this weekend.

29 thoughts on “PageRank Update Officially Underway”

    1. iwebtool is complete garbage . . . . i got a predicted pr6 also based on my 6300+ backlinks through yahoo . . . but it doesn’t measure my Google backlinks which count the most!

  1. Congrats Nate! Well deserved.

    Looks like I’m dialing in at 4. That gives me three months to capture 5, which should be easy.

    And the next goal is 6 in 6!

  2. Cool, I’m showing a 5 which has gone up from a 4.

    The funny thing is when I launched my domain last year right off the bat I got a 5, and then I neglected it for a few months and it dropped down to a 4, now I’m back where I started again.

    Next stop a 7 and no less!

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  4. Coopreme,

    Different tools query different google datacenters and you are most likely to get three different results. there are few datacenters which havent been updated since last year, so they will reflect an year old pagerank(e.g. some datacenters is 72.14.203.* series). So the tools may give you:

    1. The current pagerank
    2. The updated pagerank
    3. A year old pagerank


  5. It’s good that it’s finally arrived. I was predicted a PR4 and it’s ended up as PR3 but I’m happy with that. I predict John Chow is going to explode with comments now that he’s a PR6.

    Congratulations on your PR5 Nate! That’s an excellent jump.

  6. I thought it is interesting that a blog with no PR would write about PR… Now, my site has no PR but is only went live in mid May.

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