Party Like A Search Engine Rockstar In Vegas!

Party Like A Search Engine Rockstar

Some of you may have heard that Shoemoney is holding a contest in which the winner gets to fly to Las Vegas to attend the PubCon webmaster conference, and ultimately, party like a search engine rockstar! Well, the cool part is that my business, Unique Blog Designs, is sponsoring this contest! Not only will you get to party with Shoemoney, but also with me and the rest of UBD!

What does the winner get?

  • Paid Round-Trip Airfare to Las Vegas
  • Paid Hotel Dec 4-7, 2007
  • Paid-for Full Conference Pass
  • $500 Spending Money

What is involved?

First of all, Shoemoney recommends that you should look at the photo gallery from last year’s PubCon and make sure you know what you’re in for. It’s no secret that Shoemoney truly does party like a rockstar! As he puts it, “These parties are no joke and if you can’t get up at 8am to go to all the sessions and party until 2am+ then this is probably not for you!”

You also must be able to fly to Las Vegas (we will cover the costs). This means if you’re outside the U.S., you need to have a valid passport or the ability to come to the United States (legally).

Who is the contest open to?

The contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world who wants to go to Las Vegas Pubcon AND have access to all the insiders, parties, and even events that never make it anywhere publicly.

How do you enter the contest?

Write a blog post about why you should win the Roll With The Rockstars contest and post your link in the comments on the official contest page.

The finalists will be picked November 10th and a winner will be chosen on the 15th! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

20 thoughts on “Party Like A Search Engine Rockstar In Vegas!”

  1. What a shame I’m on annual leave at that time. Sounds like a great competition to enter, and I reckon I could win, but I can’t give up on the beach life of India, which I’ve been waiting for for quite a while.

    I hope the sponsorship brings you a lot of extra business.

    1. Welcome to India David! You said Beach life so I assume you would be visiting Goa… Let me know if I, at Mumbai, could of any help to you.

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